Wednesday , May 31 2023

The Comptroller denies the commander-in-chief of the army


Comptroller denied to commander of the army commander, Ricardo Martínez, after a secret record appeared, in which the general spoke to 900 officers at the Military School about the judgments on the travel accounts and illegal dignity of the institution.

In the activity recorded on Tuesday, Martinez said: "We are doing everything humanly with the General Comptroller Bureau of the Republic – and that's why I used it for myself – to understand the context of what the journeys of the War Academy and the Polytechnic Academy were, so that these judgments would not take place or unfold. "

"I spoke to the controller (Jorge Bermúdez), the controller understood the reasons, but it seems someone opposed he added.

From the Comptroller Bureau, they presented a different version: the meeting took place on March 16 and lasted exactly 30 minutes, focused only on protocol greetings.

They say there was no request to paralyze the accounting judgments.

In addition, from the inspectors' office, they point out that there are 10 such trials in the Army.

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