Tuesday , February 7 2023

The cotton bud germinating on the moon dies technology


A cotton grain that germinated in month on the probe Chang & # 39; s-4 which landed on the hidden side of the satellite earth ends, announced the people responsible for the experiment.

Spanish space agency announced on Tuesday that the seeds are in a jar of Chang-e-4, according to photographs published by the Advanced Research Institute of Chongqing University.

minibiosfera, who worked for more than 212 hours, was shut down as planned, explained the University of Chongqing, who designed the experiment.

The experience will end before Chang-e-4 enters "rest" on the next Sunday, when the first night of the month since landing begins, when temperatures drop to 170 degrees below zero.

Scientists from Chongqing University have sent an 18 centimeter sealed glass container containing air, water and soil as well as cotton seeds, potatoes, arabidopsis – a mustard plant – yeast.

At the end of the moon, which lasts about two weeks from Earth, the probe will be activated again, scientists said.

"Life in the container will not survive the lunar night"
Xie Gengxin, who runs the experiment, told the official Xinhua news agency.

When the moon temperatures start to rise in February, the bodies will "slowly break down" into the pot, he said.

Chang-e-4 also has tools provided by Germany and Sweden to participate in common experiences on the lunar environment, cosmic radiation and the effect of the solar wind on the surface of the moon.

He also transported the mobile robotic explorer Yutu-2 (Jade Rabbit, in honor of the companion mask of the Chinese goddess of the Moon), which has already been separated from the ground and will explore the crater Von Karman.

The Chinese Space Agency is planning other unmanned missions to the Moon, including a test that can bring monthly samples back to Earth this year.

China aims to set up a monthly research base, possibly using 3D print technology to build it, the agency said on Monday.

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