Thursday , June 1 2023

The distributor was completely destroyed after a fire inside the Lo Valledor market National


A fire was recorded at dawn on Friday inside Lo Valledor Square, at the intersection of Cerrillos with Carlos Valdovinos, in the commune Pedro Aguirre Cerda.

The owners of the complex estimated the losses at over 600 million dollars.

As indicated by operations manager of Mercado Lo Valledor, Richard Prenzel, It was an accident that completely destroyed a hotel room Dimarc food distributor.

“The place was completely destroyed, but it was limited to the place and a small business that was on one side, selling drinks,” he added.

In this direction, he stressed that the fire did not spread to other places due to outbreaks.

Asked about the condition of the taps inside, Prenzel ruled out any problems, making sure everything was working properly.

“The market has 54 taps and they all worked. The firefighters who arrived preliminary did not seem to know the market well, but all the taps worked correctly “, he assured.

For now, the causes of the accident are unknown, although the executive has indicated that there are no people in the affected area, so an electrical failure would not be ruled out.

Volunteers from La Granja, Santiago, Buin and Maipú firefighters took part in the fire control. No injuries were reported due to the emergency.

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