Tuesday , January 31 2023

The first plant that created on the hidden side of the moon has died


The cotton bud that became the first plant to be born on the hidden side of the Moon has died, due to the beginning of the nocturnal month, in which the temperature can drop to 170 degrees Celsius below zero.

State television CGTN reported on Thursday that the Chinese Chang's experiment 4 concluded, and although the images of the outburst were published last Tuesday, on Sunday 13th, the ship has already entered into the energy-saving mode during the aforementioned monthly night is equivalent to 14 days from Earth).

"During the 212.75 hours from start-up to shutdown, the task worked well. Some results have exceeded our expectations"explained the experiment designer, Xie Gengxin.

The source said the photo distributed by the National Space Agency of China (ANEC) on Tuesday, 15, in which the outbreak is seen as "growing healthily," was taken over the last 12 hours at 20:00.

According to Xie, Dean of the Advanced Technology Institute of Chongqing University, the experiment It served to get "a huge amount of valuable information."

In any case, the scientist said that the main objective of this experiment was " popularizing science ".

In fact, the idea of ​​carrying a biological task on the Moon was selected from 257 suggestions made in 2016 university students and institute from the Asian country.

The Changes poll, which on January 3 successfully landed on the dark side of the Moon for the first time in history, took with him cotton seeds, rape, potatoes and arabidopsis, as well as fruit eggs and some yeast, with the aim of creating a "simple mini-bisphere", although only cotton has thrived.

ANEC explained that organisms will gradually break down into the experiment container and will not cause harm to the monthly environment.

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