Saturday , June 10 2023

The Government again clarifies that it will not eliminate or reduce compensation for years of service national


After the criticism that emerged from the Central Trabajadori Unit and other multi-trade unions, the Government went out again to clarify doubts about the changes that compensation could be made for years of service or contract term.

Labor Minister Nicolás Monckeberg denied that this rule was eliminated or reduced, although he insisted on the need to implement a second proposal similar to a compensation for any event, in the next work reform project. The idea of ​​the executive is that workers can decide between both options.

Discussions on this point have been addressed in the last technical rounds that the Executive is conducting with experts and lawyers; and secondly with multigremiale, although without the participation of the CUT led by Barbara Figueroa.

At the end of a working-day meeting this morning, Segundo Steilen, president of the National Workers' Union (UNT), The objective, for the time being, is to readjust the reform of the previous administration and not to address issues that require further discussion.

Manuel Agosín, Dean of the University of Chile's Faculty of Economics and Business and a member of the expert group, discussed the discussion on a second compensation proposal for years of complex service.

The doctor raised the need first strengthening training aspects, labor mobility and, in particular, current unemployment insurance.

However, Government claims continue to increase unemployment insurance to take account of changes to the compensation system that will be addressed at meetings scheduled for Thursday and Friday next week.

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