Wednesday , March 29 2023

The hurricane in the dark matter of the Milky Way


Testing what is not seen has always been a challenge for astrophysicists.

Dark matter is one of the phenomena that attracted the greatest interest to the scientific community. And now we have a unique opportunity to detect it, experts say.

Dark light is an invisible entity, but scientists believe it is part of a 80% of the universe that surrounds us. The hard thing is to detect it because it does not emit electromagnetic radiation (such as light).

To date, it can only be said that it is present gravitational effect that it has other elements of visible matter, such as stars, galaxies, or the cosmic background of the universe.

But an anger of dark matter in which the Earth is sinking now will give an opportunity to do so through a multitude of experiments that are developing globally.

And, hopefully, learn more about what is still a mystery to science.

A piece of dark matter

This gala was detected last year thanks Gaia telescope and its data was collected by the postdoctoral researcher Ciran O'Hare, from the University of Zaragoza (Spain), in an article published this week in the scientific journal Physical view

Our galaxy, explains O'Hare to BBC World, is now in the middle of this situation current called S1 formatted by the remains of an ancient galaxy that thousands of years ago they devoured their own muddy road and the journey reached 500 km / s.

And this happened before, but it was never detected.

"It's like swiming in a sea of ​​dark matter where a certain wind is always generated, but the speed and trajectory of this current make the movement of dark matter is very fast, creating what we called a hurricane. "

Hare says you can not predict how long we will be immersed in this sea, but perhaps a few thousand years, estimates the physicist who hopes to "get valuable information about dark matter over the next decade."

Beyond theoretically

Hope is, in fact, that this huge mass of dark matter, equivalent to ten billion sun, could help scientists proves what so far exists only in theory due to several dark matter detection experiments that try to make visible particles different so far invisible.

One of them, and perhaps the most important ones, are WIMP particles, one of those considered to be fundamental elements of dark matter, but with a very poor interaction, and therefore has not yet been able to prove its existence beyond recreation with the help of a computer.

The presence of the hurricane is expected to occur a shock with other atoms which can be detected by the technology that exists in laboratories and observatories.

If it does not turn out to be WIMPS, explain O Hare, there are also experiments that try to prove the presence axons in dark matter, very light particles that can become photons of the luminous or electromagnetic energy that can be produced, absorbed and transmitted.

In short, what scientists expect from this unique hurricane we are in is to know what is the fundamental particle that makes up the matter that surrounds us but which we can not see.

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