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The leader of the cumbias group was arrested for drug trafficking: the band would only be a facade | national


OS7 Carabineros personnel arrested leader of a tropical music band accused of drug trafficking in a clandestine lab in San Joaquin, the metropolitan area.

The leader of the group called "Contigo y to the cumbia" was identified as E.G.S. However, according to the information that is part of an investigation, he will use the band as a facade to be able to carry drugs in the capital.

Since 2018, Carabineros, along with the Northern Central Prosecutor's Office, have followed the musician and a Colombian citizen who has steadily entered the E.G.S. After the procedure, Carabineros arrested Colombian on the public highway when moved a box of more than three pounds of cocaine base who had been taken out of the singer's house.

After that, they entered the house of the musician – located in the San Joaquin district – and found more than three pounds of cocaine base, chemical precursors and medication in the process of transformation.

Colonel Juan Narbona Ossandón, Prefect of the South Prefecture of the Carabiner, explained that "a search is generated where it appears arrest of three people, two foreigners and one Chilean. As a result of the above, OS7 staff detects that it is a clandestine drug lab. "

There is also a Bolivian woman in the house who would have been responsible for bringing the Bolivian drug and laboratory work. Meanwhile, the Colombian citizen was responsible for marketing it elsewhere in the capital.

three people were arrestedand both the gang leader and the Colombian had criminal files for violating the drug law.


This article describes an ongoing judicial process

It is possible that the allegations are rejected at the end of the investigation, for this reason The defendant should not be held guilty until justice dictates the judgment against him.
(Article 04 of the Code of Criminal Procedure)

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