Monday , August 15 2022

The man committed suicide with cyanide and caused an operation on the streets of Ñuñoa


The fire department worked this morning in the municipality of Ñuñoa, where an emergency situation has been reported due to the presence of cyanide input.

The procedure took place at the junction between Avenida Sucre corner Román Díaz where a man's body was found, and next to him a purse label "cyanide".

Firefighters reported that, according to Carabineros, there was a cyanide in a bag.

"Now we have to confirm by measuring whether the bag is cyanide by a field test," they said.

"Unlike other emergency situations, here we are in a square, It's well ventilated. Cyanide is a very volatile element. This gives us the assurance that the isolation of the place must not isolate or evict much, "the commander said. Alex Miller of the Fourth Fire Company in Ñuñoa.

The place was isolated and the traffic was cut by Román Díaz, while Bomberos underlined this "there is no risk for neighbors or travelers."

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