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The most tired man in the world loses half of 584 kg. and he got out of bed: that's what he looks like now society


Plan to reduce the weight of Mexican advances Pedro Franco (33), which two years ago were considered to be The most weary man in the world, with 584 pounds. After two surgeries and a special plan, he managed to cut half and is currently in 292 pounds.

In November 2016, Franco won the Guinness record for this delicate health situation. This weight kept him in his bed for 10 years.

Daily Mail
Daily Mail

Years ago, in an interview, he said, "When I had six years and weighed 60 pounds, and not because I do not worry, but because I had a birth disease. "

The young man coming from Aguascalientes suffered a gastrectomy with a sleeve and a gastric bypass two weeks ago. Now he weighs 292 kg and has managed to get out of bed.

According to the British daily Daily Mail, this considerable drop in weight has allowed Pedro to reduce doses of drugs to control illnesses such as diabetes or hypertension that have affected him since he was 10 years old.

Daily Mail
Daily Mail

Mexico underwent another intervention in November 2017, where it divided the stomach to give it a smaller capacity to eat.

Franco told the press that the possibility of getting out of bed will allow you to start losing calories in a more natural way. Its goal is to weigh about 150 pounds in one year. Its height is 1 meter and 80 centimeters.

Daily Mail
Daily Mail

In turn María de Jesús Salas, Pedro's mother said she was optimistic about the results of her son's program, which was triggered by some organic shortcomings that would soon appear in her body.

It should be noted that all surgical interventions have been carried out in a hospital in the city of Guadalajara.

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