Monday , April 19 2021

The mother of a young bullet contradicts the version of Nicole "Luli" Moreno: "Yes, there were threats from her son" | TV and Show

Conflict involving his son Nicole Moreno As allegedly responsible for shooting a 16-year-old in Las Condes, he continues to generate controversy. This Friday, the mother of the victim said in an interview that He received threats from the Luli descendants.

Sandra Navarro gave an interview in the morning Good morning of TVN. In his statements, which were taken by La Cuarta, he indicated that the two young people had been quarreling over the last few weeks.

"I do not know if I call it a rivalry, but it comes from a few months ago. This friction between my son and the other child. And yesterday (Thursday) in the afternoon, I knew it was because my son wanted to defend another girl, who seems to have stayed with the son of this famous television lady at some point. Then he, who always feels that Robin Hood wants to help and save everyone, has found nothing better to say he was the girl's cousin, "the woman said.

Navarro added that the son of the dancer sent a message to the young man involved in the conflict, indicating that he would attack his son.

"Receive a message from this young man. He sends a voice message to this girl he says – If you want to see your cousin again, you'll have to see him in the hospital. This is the message that PDI is managing at the moment, "he said.

A few days ago, Luli told the press that his son had nothing to do with this film. Sandra Navarro totally contradicts this version.

"There is evidence, there are witnesses. There are messages with your child's voice. And there is a text message from your son to my son. That's the research. Let's hope that justice will do its job as she says. I also expect the same thing, "he concluded.

It should be noted that the minor who received the impact of a bullet is admitted to the risk of life.

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