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The plant China has managed to germinate on the hidden side of the Moon – BBC News


Just over 8 days of the Earth. 212 hours in total.

This is what the first plant germinating on the Moon lived with life.

Astronauts from Chinese Mission Changes 4 They stopped watering the cotton seeds, as Chongqing University planned, which designed the experiment.

The plant lived in a special vessel on board the Chang-e-4 probe, which landed on the hidden face of a ITa on January 3rd.

The microscope she grew would not survive lunar night.

This is the phase in which Earth's Earth now enters and which assumes that temperatures can fall to about 170 degrees Celsius.

Chang & e-4 rover
Chang-e-4 aims to explore the Aitken basin, the oldest and largest impact area on the lunar surface.

One single night is equal to two weeks on Earth.

During this time, the entire Chinese mission will enter into "sleep mode" and their systems will be asleep to save energy.

For this reason, the plant ceased to be irrigated and died, as already planned.

Other experiments

The Chinese Lander also bears potato and arabidopsis seeds, a plant of the mustard family, as well as fruit eggs and yeast eggs.

It was expected that temperatures within the ecosystem would drop below 52 degrees Celsius, so the bodies would be "frozen," a statement said in a statement Tuesday.

Once the temperatures begin to rise next month, this will be allowed organisms "slowly break down" in sealed containers.

Mission Changes
The exploration vehicle of the Chang-e-3 Mission visited part of the Moon in 2013.

"Some results [de los experimentos] has exceeded our expectations, "explained experiment designer Xie Gengxin to Chinese state television.

Why is it important?

The ability to grow plants on the moon will be essential for long-term space missions such as Mars travels, which will last up to two and a half years to reach the destination.

This would mean that astronauts could grow their own food in space, reducing the need to return to Earth to fill.

"I think it is certainly a special interest use the month as the scale, especially for trips on Mars, because it is relatively close to Earth, "Watson said.


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