Tuesday , April 20 2021

"The problem of the citizen on foot is not that Gabriel Boric received a shirt from Jaime Guzmán shot"

I spoke A New Day of CNN Chile with PC deputy, Karol CariolaWho is midwife by profession, about the project that promotes breastfeeding and other emergency issues such as controversy which emerged after José Antonio Kast published a video about Gabriel Boric received a shirt in which Jaime Guzmán appeared shot.

This Thursday, the Chamber of Deputies approved the constitutional procedure after Bill from the Women's Agenda known as "The Law of Breastfeeding" which ensures breastfeeding as a right of women and children.

The project aims to promote and support women who want to breastfeed, making sure that they can do it freely in all areas of society. It will penalize anyone who discriminates and who arbitrarily intends to deprive, disturb or threaten this right.

The fines would go between 1 and 4 UTM (between about $ 48,000 and about $ 194,000).

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In this case, Communist Party Deputy Karol CariolaHe commented CNN Chile "It is good news because there have been cases of women who make the decision to breastfeed in public places that have often been threatened, interrogated and discussed in this project, a parliamentary motion related to guaranteeing the right to breastfeeding, which is the same much like the baby's mother. "

Donation of breast milk

Another fundamental point of the initiative would allow maternal milk to be donated by mothers who have a health condition that allows them. This would benefit infants who can not be fed by their biological mothers.

On controversy that appeared with Gabriel Boric because he appeared with a shirt by Jaime Guzmán shot

Karol Cariola commented on this controversy sees it as an extreme opportunism on the part of the law, the IDU and especially the sectors of officialism because they are going through difficult moments.

"There are economic problems, the promise of better times is not fulfilled, Sebastián Piñera has poor approval, killed a Mapuche comunero in La Araucanía and all that meant It's encouraging a smoke screen and it's like a rescue line thrown by José Antonio Kast who is always waiting for this kind of situation to be able to say the right to have possibilities to remove the problem, "the MP said.

As for the film in which Boric seems to receive the controversial T-shirt, Carlola said the MP's reaction was not correct and that "she clearly was wrong and admitted it, but what else?".

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"It is a situation that has happened a long time ago, it is related to an intentionality and it does not correspond," the deputy said.

Cariola said that this controversy "is a smoke screen to the real problems the country has, The problem of the citizen on foot is not that Gabriel Boric received a shirt from Jaime Guzmán with a bullet in the head, the real problem is unemployment, the problem of economic growth that killed a Mapuche comunero in La Araucanía and there is no justice, that Carabineros conceals information, that there are judicial procedures that are not appropriate, that there are MPs who are declaring pinochetistas and that they are trying to naturalize the human rights violations that have been committed in Chile, then, I think there are more relevant issues at this time than to discuss whether Gabriel Boric put a good face or a bad face when he received a shirt that did not even show but he received a gift".

Watch the interview completely in the attached video.

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