Tuesday , February 7 2023

The reason Mike Patton canceled his appearance in the tribute to Chris Cornell SonarFM


The singer was one of the most anticipated numbers on "I'm the highway", but it did not come out.

When this was announced Mike Patton would be part of "I am the highway", the tribute of the concert at Chris Cornell in Los Angeles, it seemed too good to be true: One of the most special and transformed musicians of the last 30 years who paid tribute to one of the most influential rock voices.

However, at the moment of the concert in ForumPatton was visible through his absence. Unfortunately, the singer canceled her appearance in a tribute after suffering a disease last week that did not recover:

"Unfortunately, I will not be at the concert to pay tribute to Chris Cornell. My best friend wants Ben, Kim and Matt and Chris's family. It will be a whole evening and I also want to thank Los Angeles Rams for invited me to sing national anthem last week, it's a bad week not to feel good ".

Patton has already canceled his participation in the Los Angeles Rams football game due to an unspecified disease. His health problems recalled the most recent visit to Chile when he had to suspend a show at Teatro Cariola at the last minute because of stomach pains, although he eventually replaced her the next day.

I hope you feel better, Mike, it would have been a luxury to see the Chris Cornell version.

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