Tuesday , January 31 2023

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus appears filtered into a real picture


A real image taken at the (supposed) Galaxy S10 Plus takes place around the internet. This photo is not of the best quality, though at least lets let you know it's the "Plus" model the double hole space of your dual camera in front.

We'll leave you with the illustration below:

smartphone It is covered by a special dwelling because it is a prototype. Theoretically, it is assumed that this cell phone was not presented in public until it was completely finished, but it seems that someone in South Korea could not bear this and there was a lack of filtering on duty to provide this catch.

According to a source inside Samsung, This Galaxy S10 Plus is easier than the Galaxy 9 Note, despite the fact that it has virtually the same size. software a more fluid and stable UI version is loaded.

In addition, he says we can unlock the phone either through a fingerprint sensor located below the screen, and an improved iris scanner.

The discovery of the entire Galaxy S10 line is expected on February 20 this year. This would consist of at least three mobile phones, although there is a fourth extra probability (and face). In addition, we will see the company's first collapsible device on the same date.

Source: Telephone Arena

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