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The scientists in Turkey are creating a new cancer detection system


January 17, 2019, 10:01Ankara, Jan. 17 (Prensa Latina) A team of researchers from the Middle East University (ODTÜ) in the capital today presented a new method of diagnosis for cancer by analyzing body temperature.

The invention of genetician Nevzat, Cengiz Besikci and Hamza Feza Carlak, all of ODTÜ's electrical and electronics engineering scientists, allows cancer cells to be detected in patients via electrical currents and infrared cameras that measure body temperature.

As Gencer explained, "dual-band thermal technology using multifrequency currents" can detect cancerous tissues at an early stage, showing changes in body temperature due to infrared cameras commonly used in the military industry.

This procedure works especially in the diagnosis of breast cancer, thyroid cancer and skin cancer, because the heat difference created by cancerous tissues can be detected by the thermal cells, "he added.

He stressed that technology "makes the difference" in cancer diagnosis because "the higher the tumor, the closer to the skin, the higher the performance of infrared cameras."

Although the difficulty of detecting cancerous tissues is deep and small by using conventional thermal scanning methods, the developed system "overcomes this challenge in an accredited way," he said.

Finally, Gencer explained that the new technology is ready to be used in a generalized fashion and depends only on finding the funding that makes it possible.

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