Thursday , June 1 2023

For rape, the production of pornographic material, and also for violating the 20,000 drug law, a 35-year-old teacher was formalized after sex was discovered with one of his 17-year-old students.

The man, from the initials H. O. H., met with the child because he taught history at the school where the adolescent participates. Taking advantage of that contact, he persuaded her to have sex at home in Quinta Normal, as indicated Radio Bío Bío.

He also had eight marijuana bottles

According to the North Central Prosecutor's Office, not only are there records, but also photographs of high sexual connotations between them. Also, the persecuting body raised the thesis that all these events took place between April and September of this year.

He also assured that when the teacher's home was researched, eight bottles of 675.99 grams of marijuana were found.

For all these facts, the teacher was in preventive detention because it was considered a danger to society.

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