Tuesday , June 28 2022

They find 11 sculptures stolen at an address in San Francisco de Mostazal


Inside a hacienne in the commune San Francisco de Mostazal, north of Rancagua, 11 statues were found by the IDP.

Among the patrimony species found are: sculpture "Republic", which was stolen by unknown people in 2003 from Rubén Darío Square in Playa Ancha, which was made in the Foundry of the Osse Valley (Fonderie du Val de Osne), where works that are installed in places like Romemberg Frankfurt and Central Park in New York.

Sub-Prefect Pablo Ibarra, Head of the Metropolitan Crime Investigation Brigade of the IDP (Bidema), explained thatEight statues had been stolen from the General Cemetery and the Santa Lucia Hill, and two silver boxes that disappeared from San Francisco by Santiago church were also found in the house.

"Species that are patrimonial do not have monetary value. But in the international informal market the statues of marble and iron have a value of between 150 and 300 million pesos ", assured Las Ultimas Noticias.

According to the information provided by AhoraNoticias, the place where the stolen statues were found was owned by the businessman Raúl Schuler Gatica, located in the former La Punta farm.

The statuettes filed complaints of theft and were in the catalog of stolen historical objects in the IDP. In the meantime, the operation ended without the arrested.

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