Wednesday , May 31 2023

They graduate from plagiarism fees a screenwriter of "Veinteañero a los 40"


Absent from all plagiarism accusations, he was the screenwriter of TV Channel 13, Veinteañero a los 40, Sergio Díaz Mora. This, after the inauguration of the Third Permanent Criminal Court in Santiago that there is no record that the fiction was a copy from "Qué hay de nuevo viejo," a story written by Alex Rivera and Marcelo Guajardo in a script studio that taught the station.

By a unanimous decision, the judges Felix Ascencio. Claudia Santos and Blanca Rojas, estimated that there is no evidence or expertise to report the copy to the defendant. In addition, they argued that the accusing party did not provide evidence that could be appreciated directly by the parties who condemned it. to establish offenses under the Intellectual Property Law.

Thus, the court rejected all the complainant's arguments. "We are faced with an extraordinarily correct decision, because the allegation contained a series of errors and deficiencies"said Diaz Mora's lawyer, Felipe Moraga.

"There was no plagiarism, there has never been a copy and the test of originality required by law is not met, were different genres, different plots, different characters, different dramatic arches and different formats, "he added.

This case began after Alex Rivera and Marcelo Guajardo decided to take the screenwriter in court. In a first trial, Sergio Díaz was convicted, but later, the Supreme Court quashed the order for a second.

After being produced, the screenwriter was released from all the imputed accusations.

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