Saturday , June 25 2022

This month students take PSU for language and science


This Monday is the first day of University Selection Test (PSU) in which tests of language and science for which there is more than 294 thousand people were registered and 181 authorized sites.

On Tuesday we will continue with mathematics and history. Those who give the test should pay attention to certain items that are allowed and others that are not.

As the Vice-President of the Rectors' Council (CruCh) and the rector of the University of Valparaíso, Aldo Valle, it is necessary not to forget "the prescriptive elements, as they are personal identity card, They ID card, the minimum materials that are needed, which are graphite pencil and a rubber band".

It is also allowed to carry out a water glass and Marker.

In addition, the rector asked young people and their families to remember that "You can not wear backpacks, bags, wallets. It can not be carried Mobile Phones or other electronic devices. This may eventually invalidate the test results. "

None are hearing aids.

The robberies and homes of Sename were activated

Of those enrolled, not all will do so in educational places. They also asked young people to recall the rules of the process and review them on the agency's website.

As Demre explains, María Leonor Varas, "There are over 9,000 classrooms, among them a hundred and thirty people in isolation, in prisons; 16 rooms in Sename Villas. It's a gigantic effort that makes the whole country. "

Application process

Once the PSU starts the process of choosing the study house. next December 26th the results will be known, and applications will begin.

Therefore, the Ministry of Education (Mineduc) asked to find out which are the best options.

"The Ministry of Education has the" My Future "page where it exists academic, financial, accreditation, job expectation, and career recommendations in different institutions, either universities, professional institutes and technical training centers, "the Undersecretary of Education explained, Raul Figueroa

"We want to take the opportunity to convey first of all the calmness of what they need to do tomorrow and, above all, once they have taken the test and the process of filing applications has begun, do it in an informed mannerhe added.

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