Tuesday , April 20 2021

Tula's drinking drink announces its arrival in the Chilean company market

Twelve years ago, a group of young people succeeded in becoming a success on the Internet, thanks to a video that has so far is still seen by thousands of Chileans.

He is the popular drinking public Tula, What does the name matter to?, which marked the whole generation that laughed at double-meaning jokes, typical of the school's stage in which the video appeared.

As we all know, it's an invented drink and they were just traditional drinks with a very poor impression. However, the dreams of these young people have become reality because Tula would be a new energetic drink.

This has been announced by a mysterious contractor through Instagram, where he published an image showing how this new elixir will be: Tula will reappear with a completely different logo, but will retain its original colors.

"The energetic drink of all the Chileans," as it was called at that time, was again a success because it accumulates almost 70 thousand followers eager to energize with Tula.

We recall that a petition was created six months ago Change.org, in which they searched for signatures to achieve this forehead will launch an energy drink with the name of the virus on the market. It is not yet known whether this brand will be taking over, but whatever it is, we will soon have Tula.

With the premiere, they seek to create a new national drink: Pistula (Pisco + Tula)

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