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UC results must be the next champion date – National Football


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Crusaders are the leaders of the National Championship and are very close to climbing the 13th and can be crowned even this weekend. TVN


The national tour is coming back and the same weekend we could meet the new champion Catholic University has the ability to seal the star number 13 with the next date, yes, depending on other results.

Thus, the band team can raise the cup in San Carlos by Apoquindo when measured against Higgins, as long as the precordillerens are victorious before the team Marco Antonio Figueroa.

In addition, the Crusaders need results in his matches University of Concepción and U. of Chile.

UC results must be the next champion:

– In addition to the three points against rancagüinos, UC asks the Universidad de Concepción to bind or lose against San Luis.

– UC also needs that U. de Chile attracts or loses to Iquique Sports.

The assembly that remains for the main competitors for the title:

Catholic University 55 points

O Higgins (Sun 25/11, local)
Temuco Sports (Day and time to define, visit)

University of Chile 53 points

Sport Iquique (Domain 25/11, local)
Curicó Unido (Day and time to define, visit)

University of Concepción 52 points

San Luis (Domain 25/11, local)
Colo Colo (Day and time to define, visit)


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