Thursday , June 8 2023

Viral YouTube: Cats have an epic Dragon Ball Super battle and the end is spectacular | YT | Yutub | DBS | Dragon Ball Z | pet | animals | trends


There is no doubt that virals that have more acceptance in public are those who have as a protagonist an animal, as happened in this case, with two cats who had a Dragon Ball Super fight. These clips come to platform day after day, but there are very few who come to go viral and this was one of these cases.

This audio-visual material has been uploaded to YouTube so it can come back quickly viral on the Internet, because many users were surprised to see the epic battle that had these two cats called "saiyayines". Note that this is platform the most popular in terms of clips, so everything that is divided becomes a "boom".

YouTube It has always been characterized by displaying various audiovisual content, such as family, tutorials, entertainment, even to see the most recent performances of the most famous singers. However, lately, what has made several views are those viral videos, as is the case with this clip that surprised everyone on the platform.

As we see in his video YouTube, two cats They are on the roof of a house and both cross-views cause a lot of time. Even a dog sees them from another point and begins to abrade until a fake movement of one of the cats triggers the recorded epic battle.

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