Thursday , June 8 2023

What could Boca rely on to request points before CONMEBOL?


After suspending the meeting, xenophobic leaders will make a presentation.

Everything was a party up to the campus the mouth He came to a few blocks from Monumental. A group of wandering players, of those who are always on all stadiums, threw the projectiles to the micro that carried the players, and the result was the worst: broken glass and affected players. So after that Almendra, Pablo Pérez and Lamardo had to be transferred to a hospital , CONMEBOL suspended the match and passed it on Sunday, November 25, at 17:00.

In these hours, rumors at the hotel in Boca indicate different situations: the first is that the team is very upset and does not intend to play the game on Sunday. Secondly, the leaders planned a presentation before CONMEBOL, despite the fact that President Dominguez said Angelici had assured him that the club would not do any defense.

but, What does the regulation say? There are two articles that suggest possibilities for resources for which Boca could request points (or a certain type of river sanction).

The article follows below


1. Members' associations and clubs shall be responsible for the conduct of players, officials, members, the public, fans, and any other person exercising or exercising on their behalf any function during the preparation, organization or celebration of a football match, whether official or friendly.

2. Members associations and clubs are responsible for security and order, both inside and in the vicinity of the stadium, before, during, and after the match in which they are hosts or organizers. This responsibility extends to all incidents of any kind that may take place, thus being exposed to disciplinary sanctions and compliance with the orders and instructions that may be adopted by the judicial bodies.

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