Tuesday , January 31 2023

Win the island with Jimmy Fallon


The Tonight Show, comedy and animator Jimmy Fallon, recorded entirely in Puerto Rico by NBC and lasting for an hour, was an exhibition of great value for Puerto Rico as a tourist and business destination, whose sphere of action has been manifested in hundreds of thousands of opinions and comments on different social networking platforms.

"It's an unpaid advertisement, a full-hour ad in a program that sees so many people, and who was presented with great sympathy to Puerto Rico at a time when so many bad news came out about Puerto Rico, is invaluable. "explained Carlos Carbonell, president of the Y & R agency.

According to figures provided by NBC, the space hosted by Fallon has an audience of about 3 million viewers per episode.

In fact, "The Tonight Show" ended in 2018 and began in 2019 as the first place of audience among the "late night" programs of the United States, according to data released by Nielsen survey company and published by the tvbythenumbers portal.

This adds the presenter's popularity to social networks. Currently, Fallon has 19.5 million subscribers on the YouTube channel.

This explains that, less than five minutes after the end of program submission, hashtag #TonightShowPuertoRico reached third in the trending ("trending topic") in the United States. Fallon himself wrote in his personal account "We are trend number 3 – we could be trend number 1".

Similarly, less than 20 hours after the program video was posted on the animator's YouTube channel, it had more than 520,000 views.

According to the Destination Marketing Organization (DMO), which contributed to producing the Jimmy Fallon show in Puerto Rico – including records, permissions, logistics and coordination – a three-minute advent of US television's "late night" program has a cost of $ 400,000 in advertising

However, the Fallon program did not require any ad investment by the island because it was Fallon who decided to dedicate the destination program. If the amount of free advertising that Puerto Rico had received in more than 40 minutes of exposure, the amount of guidance would exceed 5.3 million dollars.

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