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Cameron "Alita: Battle Angel" set on February 22 – Ali, Cameron, she is, Afan, Vic – Daily Dali


2019-01-18 00:03:08 Source: Daily Dali

Produced by sci-fi screenwriter and filmmaker James Cameron, scriptwriter and scriptwriter Sci-Fi directed by director of ghost director Robert Rodriguez, Alita: Battle Angel, formally established a file on February 22 On this day, as the first Chinese New Year after the Spring Festival, Hollywood hits landed on the mainland. In the finalized new poster, Alita wears a steel knife and holds a steel knife together. The main characters such as Yide, Zapan, and Victor are on the same stage as Sky City, Steel City and Death Ball. A spectacular future from a technological point of view.

James Cameron has been preparing for "treasure" for many years, "Alita: Battle Angel" will finally face the world, the film being recognized as one of the most anticipated science fiction giants in 2019. Cameron has won two or Oscar's best director and best film, and created the masterpieces of the two Titanic and Avatar titles and also the founder of the Terminator series. This time, Cameron has applied the cutting-edge special effects technology, which has matured since the Avatar's release of this film. With revolutionary film effects, "Alita: Battle Angel" is undoubtedly the best 3D movie after Avatar and expects to become a new reference point in special effects.

In the last release trailer, Alita's life story was finally revealed: it is the most powerful humanoid weapon with amazing fighting skills, the only survivor of its kind. In the eyes of his adoptive father, Ide, like a piece of empty paper, also has a special significance, in the eyes of the villain Victor, it is a huge threat. Alita was confused and lost, but eventually found the meaning of existence. In the face of evil, she will never stand and will not look at the world for the people she cares about, even if she is alone.

The most attractive thing is that Alita is in the middle of the fighting and all the movements are very smooth. Some netizens have read the trailer and commented that "Alita is expected to offer the most exciting scenes of action in recent years."

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