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CEO Ali Zhang Yong thanked the courier on the spot: Push the 1 billion-year dream to become reality – News – Global Trade starts here –


On November 12, on the first day after the end of 2018 Tmall Double 11, Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong led the main business leaders of Ali and Rookie, rushed to Shanghai, the fast shipping company Wuxi, the warehouse logistics, Understand the operation of Double 11. Logistics has thanked the first-class logistics people who participated in the twelfth and praised them as creators of the twin miracle 11. They were also the promoters and participants of the 1 billion years of China's logistics.

(On November 12, the first day after the end of Tmall Double 11, Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong entered the Wuxi Robot Warehouse)

Just ended 2018 Tmall Double 11 has set a number of world records. The total volume of transactions reached 213.5 billion yuan, and the total number of logistics orders rose to 1.042 billion, which means an increase of more than 4000 times in 10 years, marking the entry of intelligent logistic spine in the era of 1 billion. Zhang Yong said Tmall Double 11 is the best witness of socialization, division, cooperation and cooperation. This is the result of global business, logistics company partners, courier brothers, customer service staff and other links, busy and joint training. For 1 billion plots to be delivered efficiently, it is necessary to rely on industry synergy to form a smart logistics network.

At 9 o'clock, on the evening of 12, Zhang Yong came to Yuantong, the largest automatic transhipment center in Shanghai. It is still busy at night, and all types of input packets are continually running, and intelligent distribution technology automatically recognizes deviation. In the 11th with a large volume of packages, Yutong, President Yuantong, also joined the courier team to participate in parcel delivery.

Shanghai Zhongtong Distribution Center is also busy. Lai Meisong, chairman of Zhongtong, told Zhang Yong that to meet a double this year 11, Zhongtong automatically slaughtered dynamic ladders and large pieces in multiple country transshipment centers that are more than three times more effective than past. With science and technology computerization, the intelligent logical network of the spine is more efficient and more calm to cope with the 11th.

(On November 12, Alibaba Group Director Zhang Yong was at Zhongtong Distribution Center)

According to reports, this year, the entire industry has added 400,000 meters of automatic assembly lines, equivalent to building a new high-speed track in each distribution center. Zhang Yong said in Yuantong and Zhongtong that the open logistics of Double 11 must be the era of intelligent logistics It is necessary to use technology to improve the efficiency of the industry Alibaba and Rookie will continue to work with logistics partners to accelerate the digitization process of the whole industries.

Zhang Yong also came to a large warehouse in Wuxi. Almost 700 AGV robots run continuously, increasing the take-back efficiency by 50%. Under the "command" of the robot commander, Zhang Yong experienced all aspects of the election process and felt the effectiveness of human-machine cooperation.

At the station in the Wuxi Civic Center, the staff was busy downloading the courier bundle car. Zhang Yong learned in detail the difficulties of delivering the last 1 km dispatch package and the final solution of the debutant station. He hopes that the whole industry and beginners will jointly build an open network to truly solve the pain points of the express logistics industry.

Zhang Yong also expressed gratitude for the courier, sorting of the store and brother of the site. He said that more than 3 million logistics people are also creators of Tmall Double 11 miracle, which promoted the arrival of China's logistics 1 billion years ago.

This year, Tmall double 11 parcels shipped quickly. On the day of double opening, many consumers have already received the express package, and the sigh is faster than usual. According to State Post Office statistics, on the day of the 11th, there were already over 400 million express parcels on the road.

Zhang Yong said that Alibaba and beginners will work with the express courier company and courier brothers to deliver the 11th parcels to consumers faster and better.

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