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Judging from the technical and tactical game, in the three matches, the national football team went mainly between 433 and 352 based on "three guards + two wings".

Xinhua News Agency, Melbourne, January 17 Review: Expression of all of the recession

– registration of the Asian Cup group

Xinhua News Agency reporter Yue Dongxing

Recognize the gap, but also to highlight all the strength, this is the attitude of the national football team lost by the South Korean team. Along the three group matches, Lippi's team emerged from the crisis, which lasted more than a year from the World Cup in Russia, reflecting in the Asian Cup that they regained their long lost cohesion and commitment of 100 % vs. game. The fighting spirit of each ball must be affirmed.

Since there was not a big game to play in more than a year before the Asian Cup, the national football team has always found a stable technical and tactical level and the desire to win in the 12 rounds of preliminaries in some cups and friendly matches . For the strong team or the weak team is hard to win, and the outside world is not very optimistic about their prospects for the Asian Cup.

However, in the Asian Cup, in the words of coach Lippi, when all 23 players are "spiritually united, playing more aggressively and playing well overall," the team is fully capable of fighting the Asian team. High, this is reflected in three games.

In the first battle against the "new army" in the Asian Cup, Kyrgyzstan began playing the national football "slow fever" and presented a "three-guard + two wings" style that does not match the starting range, resulting in an advanced goal.

However, such a veteran team, despite the physical and impact of the outside world, but not suffocated by pressure, but with sufficient cohesiveness and hard work, Lippi returned to training 433 Finally, the law resumed in the followed by the tacitly lost tactic in the last 45 minutes, reversed the opponent by 2: 1 and scored the most critical 3 points.

Therefore, the second stage is the weakest team in the Philippines in the group. The national football team is playing better and better, the whole game does not hesitate to press, connect, respond and continue 433. One of the most technical and tactical competitions in more than a year.

In the game, Super League "Golden Boots" Wu Lei finally found the feeling in the national team, not only scored two goals, but also a wonderful, from shooting difficulty and tacit understanding, is close to world-class standards. Moreover, these two golden goals are also expected to "fully" Wu Lei, to increase it in the World Cup World Cup in Qatar, national football should have completed "new and old substitutes"

Due to the need for rotation of the competition, the national football team of Feng Yi, Hao Junmin and Wu Lei was missing. The finals of the group stage match could not use the strongest range and competed with the first-class Asian South Korean team. Even though national football has exposed the gap between speed, impact, technology and age structure, the scene is very passive, but still use enough fighting spirit, power is not reduced and pressure exerted on Ball, but not shameful.

Judging from the technical and tactical game, in the three matches, the national football team went mainly between 433 and 352 based on "three guards + two wings". From the point of view of the effect, because the national football has not yet found the physical and technical side guards at this stage, and the position of the three central defenders is not ideal, so this style of play has not proved its effect.

Next, forgetting the loss that does not affect the skill line and regaining consistency and confidence is the key to the team's struggle against the top 16 Thai team. As for the gap with the Asian top teams, it should be the direction of the Chinese football to think and to exert their strength in youth training after the Asian Cup.

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