Tuesday , February 7 2023

Commission to supervise and manage state assets: "Six strengthens" to ensure steady growth of benefits for central enterprises this year – Xinhuanet – Xinhua Net


  1. State Enterprise Surveillance and Management Company: "Six Strengthens" to Ensure Continuous Growth of Enterprise Benefits This Year – Xinhuanet.com
  2. Important documents will be published. Will the wages of state-owned enterprises with an average annual salary of only 60,000 be greatly changed? Wall Street
  3. Central reform enterprise landing boots landing central enterprises wages | SASAC Sina
  4. China State Assets Supervision and Administration Commission for the reform of state-owned enterprises: should push the reform of the chain Multidimensional News Network
  5. State-owned asset oversight and management of the Commission: Central Derivatives Enterprise is strictly forbidden from Wall Street speculation
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