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2018-11-08 04:18:33 Source: Daily Economic News

The cultural brand of the city must be well-known throughout the country and go into the world. It is a prerequisite for the excavation, agglomeration, integration and use of cultural resources that reflect the characteristics of the city so that it can reproduce the historical and cultural heritage with a unique cultural charm. the light.

The "Golden Sands" musical blonde confirms this. Not only has he "resurrected" the cultural relics of the Jinsha site 3,000 years ago, but has also made more people pay attention to Chengdui and understand the unique cultural charm of Chengdu.

At that time, Achu, the famous host of CCTV, was delighted to say that during the 100th edition of "Golden Sands": "Sands can do 100 games." The Broadway drama in the United States and Beijing's popular art drama are the same. We created a miracle in Chengdu! "

Today, Golden Sands visited more than 2,200 games in China and Southeast Asia and became the Chengdu City Cultural Card, the founder of which is Cheng Dan, Chairman of the Chengdu Performing Arts Group, and enjoys by "Asian Performing Nose". Reputation.

On November 13, Yidan will attend the "Shengshi Tianfu Xixiang 2018 World Creative Brand (Chengdu)" co-sponsored by the Daily Economic News and the American Incident Management Association (AEMI). The main discourse entitled "Cultural innovation in a city is a process from knowledge to unawareness and unawareness."

At that time, Yi Dan will confront the Emmy Award winner, the famous American screenwriter Mark Zaslov and the former Edinburgh Festival Committee Chairman Richard Luis, the world's best creative art planners to discuss cultural events. With urban temperament.

As a leader in the performance industry, Ye Dan has a profound experience in planning large-scale cultural shows. Over the past 17 years, the National Ballet Theater in Russia, the Ballet of California, the Israel National Baller, the Children's Choir in Vienna and the famous cultural shows in Germany, France, Austria, Israel, Korea and Korea have been presented for cultural exchanges. shows.

At the same time, Ye Dan also hosted a special interpretation of Chinese and foreign artists such as Brian Dennis, Modern Modern Magic, Kong Xiangdong, Yin Chengzhong, Liu Shikun etc .; Rong's large-scale concerts, as well as large-scale performances such as "Cat" and "Irish" dance group "Dahe Dance", nearly 5,000 shows.

How can a good culture "get out"? Yidan has suggested focusing on building a world-class cultural product, such as organizing a global music contest to create a global music selection brand. "By building an international platform, our culture will be better placed abroad and will exert its influence."

Indeed, shaping the image of a city is not only reflected in the economic exchanges between high-rise buildings and crowded buildings, but also in deep cultural and cultural heritage. The prosperity of the performance market made the outside world pay more attention to Chengdui.

In the context of the vigorous development of Chengdu's cultural industry, Yidan has gradually become a leader in the cultural industry, exploring the unique temper of the city and creating a national cultural event. Yidan said he has the responsibility to continuously create new cultures and make Chengdu an internationally reputable international city.

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