Sunday , October 17 2021

Evergrande retains Nansha base, Xu Jiayin break Jia Yueting and builds his own car – 36kr

  1. Evergrande keeps Nansha base, Xu Jiayin breaks Jia Yueting and builds the car in 36kr
  2. FF China Assets Division Evergrande has just received the Nansha block in Guangzhou
  3. After breaking Jia Yueting, Evergrande retained Nansha Xu Jiayin's base and found another way to build a car.
  4. 36 氪 Exclusive FF Disclosure and "Separation" Evergrande Details 36kr
  5. FF separating China's details: FF won the leadership of China and IP Evergrande won the Nansha factory – IT and transport cnBeta
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