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Fordson three double rate of 7 people scored in double Guangsha away Tianjin wins – China goal basket –


2018-11-16 23:48:09 Source: Chinese lens

Original title: Fordson, double-rate 7 people, scored in double Guangsha away from Tianjin

Beijing time on November 16, 2018-2019 season CBA League launched the 12th round of competition, Tianjin Binhai Yunshang Jinkong returned to play against Zhejiang Guangsha Holdings. The Tianjin team still sent double foreign aid in the first quarter, the two sides playing hard to resolve in the first half of Guangsha twice won the lead figure with the inner advantage in the third quarter.Although the Tianjin team struggle to track , the Guangzhou team had more points in the fourth quarter. The flowering, the final away 126-106 victory over the Tianjin team, gave the Tianjin team a five game shot.

The specific points of the four quarters are 34-33, 20-25, 28-29 and 24-38 (Tianjin team is in front). Tianjin Rochester team 34 points and 7 assists, Aldridge 26 points and 18 rebounds, Shide Shuai 14 points and 8 rebounds. Guangsha Fordson team 21 points and 13 rebounds and 8 assists, Bolosi 28 points and 11 rebounds, Zhao Yanyi 14 points, Sun Minghui 12 points, Li Jinglong 11 points, Hu Jinqiu 12 points, Su Ruojun 12 points.

In the first quarter of the match Lin Zhijie came 3 points in the middle of the Ming Dynasty, and Hu Jinqiu scored in the middle of the game, and Aldridge scored twice, and Meng Xianglong scored 3 points. Hu Jinqiu countered the dunk, Shi Deshuai hit a 3-pointer, Zhao Yanyi also used the color, Rochester 3 points, Liu Shuai hit the Tianjin team 3 points, Tianjin 20-16 lead team. Zhao Yanzhen 3 points again, Rochester super away 3 points, Liu Wei hit a shot, Aldridge scored 2 +1, Fordson hit 3 points, Su Ruoyu tied score, Liu Shuai was not in the buzzer, the two sides fought In an apartment with 34 apartments.

In the second quarter, the Bolosi singles scored, Rochester counterattack threw, Li Rongpei broke the score, the two sides fought in 38. Guangsha's internal line scored continuously, Li Rongpei scored points for Tianjin team by discovery , Rochester scored 2 + 1, Bolosi in and a pair of three completely fearless, Fordson broke through the killing, Guangsha 48-45 lead. Zhao Yanzhen scored 3 points, Liu Shuai answered 3 points, and Shi Deshuai scored 3 points. The Tianjin team scored 8 points to allow Guangsha to request a timeout. Fordson applauded the referee and was hit by technical failures, the Tianjin team shooting rate dropped, and Guangsha continued to fight back, and Rochester missed a layup.

In the third quarter, Bolusis helped Hu Jinqiu to score, Li Rongpei countered the layup, Sun Minghui hit 3 points, Fordson stopped the jumper, Guangsha 66-56. After the Tianjin team was suspended, Aldridge scored and scored. Fordson scored an empty goal, Sun Minghui scored 3 points and Guangsha led 73-61. The Tianjin team made several mistakes, and Bolosi took the opportunity to score 2 + 1 successively. Guangsha began to expand its position. Rochester hit 3 points, Sun Minghui very difficult buzzer layup, Liu Shuai hit a 3-pointer for the Tianjin team, Aldridge sent a block and then tied the score, whistle Liu Wei hit, Tianjin team pursued 82-88.

In the last game, Zhao Yanzhen counterattack layup, Bolosi hit 3 points, Hu Jinqiu hit a shot, Guangsha 95-84 lead. Both foreign aids marked in the paint, Sun Minghui hit 3 points, Li Jinglong also hit the line out, the Guangsha team once again scored 15 points. Li Rongpei finally scored 3 points for the Tianjin team and scored 5 points, Bolosi has obvious advantages in paint. Tianjin team can not defend. The Guangsha team has always maintained an advance of about 15 points and continued to expand the points difference, eventually defeating the Tianjin 126-106 team away. (Sohu Sport Zhao Yitao)

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