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Garcia has no intention of renewing the contractor and does not rule out the possibility of staying in China


Original title: Garcia pro-intentionally renewed contractor and does not rule out the possibility of staying in super-teaching

On November 18 in Beijing, according to a number of Spanish media, Garcia, who has just led the team to complete the Super League mission in 2018, has contracted with Beijing and has not renewed his contract. Then he will listen to quotes from any team, of course, this does not rule out the possibility of returning to Super Coaching League.

As a recently-promoted Super League player, the Beijingers and Louis Luis Garcia scored the eighth best result. This team, which was considered a hot spot for relegation early in the season, may eventually be in the middle of the league and, of course, Garcia. There is an inseparable relationship. However, with the fall of the Super League this season, the contract between Garcia and Beijing Renhe expired immediately. In an interview with the Spanish media, a few days ago, he revealed that he regained his freedom and should not continue with Beijing. About, though this Super League club hopes to leave it, but Garcia himself feels it's time to make changes, so he does not think the next season will continue to appear in Beijing and coach.

As for his coaching performance in Beijing, Garcia said he has achieved pretty good results. "Our team went into the Super League in excess of expectations, and this is not the club of that season. Give me the task." In addition, Garcia admitted that he did not know much about the Chinese football league and even spent a considerable amount of time to remember the names of the players. For the Super League, Garcia believes it could be the best league in Asia. "Super League Clubs are not only huge, but also important for the formation of local players. We stayed in the United Arab Emirates, where life is really more enjoyable, but in China, as long as you enter the stadium, you will feel like you are Professionals, so there are always so many fans in the stands, they were waving flags to encourage the team. "

Garcia did not give a clear statement about his future, at least he did not want to exclude any possibility. "We have negotiated with Beijing, although I can not be 100% sure, I should not train again, although the club really wants to stay, I think it's time to make a change." Taking into account the family factors, I could think of going back to Spain, but I think I will extend my teaching to the whole of Europe, maybe I will go to England to be a coach, because I have had such an opportunity. Listening to the relegation of any team we will not reject any possibility, including returning to the Super League "(Bao Wenlong)Go back to Sohu and see more

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