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Gathering the Force to Win the Battle and Then Start – Implementing the Army of the Important Instructions of the President of the Great War Training Course to Fight the Summaries of War – Chinanews.com

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 5 Number: Ju Li wins the battle and then departs – implementation of the entire army of the important instructions of the intern of the traineeship

Xinhua News Agency reporter Mei Changwei Liberation Army Daily reporter Zhou Meng, Cai Pengcheng, Wei Bing

In the summer and autumn of 2018, the Central Military Commission used three months to complete the entire war system and armed police units, distributed in the five important theaters, in a way that did not say the greeting or the surprising inspection. The scope of action concerned 21 provinces and municipalities (autonomous regions). ) and part of the East China Sea and the South China Sea.

In the north and south of the river, the iron shovel is a soldier, in dark blue, the sea moves and throws a sword in the blue sky, Pengfei is in the air, in the depths of the jungle the east wind whines …

"This time, both the scale and the real battlefield are extremely rare in the history of military development in peacetime." I felt that President Xi was very preoccupied with the band's ability to win! " A commander of the general who was drawn by troops expressed his feelings.

This war preparation is a comprehensive test of the Central Military Commission's ability to win the people's army. It is also a microcosm of the efforts of the entire army to advance and prepare for war.

Starting with the 18th Congress of the National Party under the strong leadership of President Xi and the Central Military Commission, the whole army strengthened the battle team's thinking and adhered to the standard of combat effectiveness. The new war trips are heading forward.

On the way to strong country and strong army, engraving a historical scene –

On January 4, Beijing held the Central Military Commission Military Working Conference. President Xi attended the meeting and held an important speech. Before the meeting, President Xi signed Order no. 1 of the Central Military Commission in 2019 and issued a mobilization order for the entire army, which blew the horn of training and preparation.


Strategic painting, focusing on preparing for a new game

On that day, officers and people of the whole army remembered the mind: Shortly after the 19th National Communist Party Congress, President Xi led the new military commission to inspect the Joint Military Central Operations Command Center, highlighting that the work of the military commission should be established at the beginning of the war.

"What I believe most is that when the party and the people need it, our army can always join the party's absolute leadership, can be drawn and win, and commanders at all levels can lead troops to fight and command Fighting. "In an important meeting, President Xi's remarks were in full swing.

Victoria is the fundamental value of an army. President Xi's question about victory and victory shows the core of the party, the profound sadness of the military commander, and a strong mission.

This concern and responsibility stems from the scientific judgment of our country's historical position: "Today we are closer, more confident and capable of achieving the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation than any period in history."

This concern and responsibility stems from a profound understanding of the risks faced by the coming road. "The more we increase, the more resistance and pressure we face, the more external risks we face. The challenge that can not be avoided in the development of Daxiangqiang is the threshold that can not be reached by the great rejuvenation of the nation Chinese ".

This concern and responsibility stems from a profound thinking on the overall situation of the national security and development strategy. "Without a solid national defense without a strong army, there is no guarantee of peaceful development. It has grown, we can use it flexibly, but we must not forget that military means is always a means of guaranteeing the bottom."

This concern and responsibility stems from a clear understanding of the capabilities and deficiencies of our army. "The difference between the level of modernization of the army and the national security needs is still very high, and the gap is still very high compared to the advanced military level of the world." The army's ability to fight modern war is not sufficient, and the ability of cadres at all levels to command modern war is not enough. "

Should we burden the task of history, face the reality of testing, how can the people's army not humiliate the mission, continue to write brilliantly? President Xi stood on the stage of developing time and general strategy, and he made great efforts to formulate a military strategy in a new situation, and set out a general scheme for the army to prepare for the army. Ready for the war and inventing the clear coordinates, he repeatedly stressed that we must move from the real needs of the war, teach the troops hard, and point out the whole army's way of preparing for the army; The power.

On the battle ships that crushed the waves, President Xi climbed the deck and entered the cabin and inspected the battlefields one by one, and in the Gobi Desert, where the water dropped in ice, President Xi took the cold and rushed wind and learned more about flight training. After reintroduction, the entire military training course, President Xi came personally to order, personally validated the exercise program, took the participating troops and guided the situation …

Under the command of the commander and the aforementioned rate, it provided a fundamental pursuit and strong guidance for the entire army to advance the preparations for the war so that the three armed forces could ignite the fire of victory and win the battle and promote the continuous development of the combat effectiveness of the armed forces.

– He joins the bottom line and dares to shine the sword. Mission mission is more prominent.

Actively strive to protect the rights at sea and firmly save national sovereignty, security and development interests. The Navy annually organizes thousands of submarines (ships) to conduct war preparation patrols, closely monitors and warns and dismantle foreign warships, the Air Force organizes the East China Sea patrols and the South China Sea patrols. .. In recent years, the entire army has always kept its arrows. The high alert station to be issued actually performed the mission and tasks entrusted by the party and the people.

– There is a real battle on the ground, and the preparation for war is more distinct.

In recent years, militaries have conducted joint high-intensity and intensive military exercises, specializing and refining mission tasks, special task training, and red-blue confrontation exercises. Common operational command capacity, rapid response capability and strategic ability to defeat enemy enemies have been significantly improved.

–Training training will be tight and tight, and people's choice to use "tick" is more vivid.

In recent years, the Central Military Commission has focused on evaluating the entire military leadership level at the military level and above and has launched a strong signal of selecting the ethics of the war. Looking at the resumption of new superior generals in recent years, practical experience, joint training of leadership and joint training, and the completion of diversified military tasks … A group of "high frequency words" highlights a clear direction, inspiring a group of commanders who are determined to fight and get out of the crowd.

– The training area is turbid and clear, and the style of training and style is clearer.

At the beginning of 2018, shortly after the mobilization meeting of the Central Military Commission, special surveillance was launched on the training of troops across the army. Some military officers were vetoed because of their military quality, but they were a "veto with one vote" in promotion. Some military cadres and cadres are not allowed to speak because they are preparing for training. Implementation is effective.


Self-revolution, violating the peace plan and winning

History is far from the point of throwing swords into plows. Only the sharp edge of the sword can protect the peaceful development of the country.

Some troops can not prepare and prepare for war and can not stand up. The roots of the mind are that many officers and men have a "peace of mind" and are ready to fight in an unbeatable state. The Central Military Commission has firmly executed President Xi's decision-making instructions, rectified chronic illnesses and illnesses in preparation for war, and promoted the troops of the entire army to stand up to the combat team and give up the standards of force of battle.

– Organize the entire army to carry out an important cleaning campaign. The Central Military Commission lists the list of peace and defect issues and uniformly organizes party committees and leading cadres at or above the regiment level to make comparative reflections to find and correct problems in preparing for war and highlighting contradictions. Efforts will be made to break the thought, the "routine peace" in work, the "peaceful effort" in capacity, and the "peace of mind" in the working style, to deepen the issue of problem solving and return to the real cause of the main business. A new update on the ability to fight.

– Organization of the entire army inspection and force construction system. Drag the aerial forces to mount live ammunition, fly to the air for thousands of miles, and real-time attacks under complex photoelectric conditions at night, pull the army and police armed forces to perform more than 10 hours of maneuver and confrontation in torrential rain ; Check on-site combat system construction, target discovery and combat field identification, command and control, and precision strike implementation. There are no preplanes, synchronization machines, no purpose, full time guidance, day and night of continuous implementation and what is checked and missing. What is enough to fully expose the training and preparation for the war.

– Organize a special patrol for the entire army to prepare for the war. The Military Commission sent five patrol teams to conduct special inspections of the various theaters and theaters, the Xinjiang Military Units, the military units of the various theaters, and the relevant military units of the armed forces, focusing on training in common major shows. Frequency resonance, the comprehensive use of "mobile", "follow-up" and "point-and-click" methods extensively examines party committees at all levels to fulfill their primary responsibility of preparing for war and overseeing troops concentrate all energy and work on preparations.

– Organization of military training and monitoring of all military emergency response. Assuming the military organization to command the theater as the main target, assuming the urgent response as the main content, adopting the unified planning organization, the military commission and the theater agency to achieve the two-tier linking and overseeing military, military and tens divisions and soldiers of several theaters. . The monitoring tree has a clear responsibility and responsible direction and repeatedly has "heavy punches", pointing out that the issues are specific to the units and individuals, including many military units and even theater level deputy units.

All levels of the army have carefully studied and implemented the spirit of President Xi's important instructions and made the decision to use bones to cure poison and strong people to break their wrists to move real things to take the medicine, to make real moves and to take action to prepare for war and win.

Party committees are increasingly prepared for war preparations. Party Committees at all levels firmly consider war preparations as the Party Party's first priority and use the only basic standard of combat power to lead army construction and coordinate labor, material resources, and financial resources to prepare for training. The Party Committee conducted training and training, and the team took the lead in training. It took the current action to give an example to the troops and to promote the ability to prepare for the war.

Preparations for military combat are stronger. All military levels will advance their training with real security threats, will innovate operational orientation in a timely manner, update program schedules, perform command oriented exercises, review normal situation, strengthen the construction of the battlefield, and improve complete combat facilities. In the current practice of the military struggle, the first-line labor force has been beaten and destroyed, and medium and long-term planning for the preparation of the military struggle has been promoted and implemented. Short-term weaknesses in preparation for the war have been overcome one by one.

The real atmosphere is even stronger. The whole army has largely carried out special investigations and preparations for top-down training, seeking in depth reflections on formalism and fake styles that affect the construction of combat effectiveness, research and the formulation of effective concrete rectification measures, paying particular attention to single training for unique studies and climbing to train station. The formation of tactics 狠 狠 排 连 连 战 社, 狠 combining synthetic combat exercises, the fighting quality of officers and soldiers and the basic battle capabilities of troops have constantly improved.

Looking back yesterday, the army of the heroic people came from the flames of war and made the Chinese people stand up, get rich and strengthen it to do an immortal deed. Looking to the future, the realization of the Chinese dream of strengthening the military dream, the people's army has a glorious mission and a great responsibility.

We firmly believe that under the strong leadership of President Xi and the Central Military Commission, the people's army will go forward and strive to prepare for a solid military struggle so that "the call comes, the battle will come and the fight will win" . Real action, constantly writing a new chapter on the journey to strengthen the country and strengthen the army.

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