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Guangdong media: Guangdong is based on "a fresh trick, eating everywhere" CBA has entered the "fast" era – Guangzhou Daily – Hanfeng Net


2018-11-24 09:50:53 Source: Guangzhou Daily

The longest CBA season in recent years has finally ushered in the first break. This year's program was over one-third, and the author's sentiment is that a faster era has arrived.

Guangdong media: Guangdong rely on a fresh trick, eat throughout the day CBA has entered a fast-paced

In the 15 rounds, the top teams in the league are teams with rapid attack and defense. At the top of the list, Guangdong Hongyuan did not even have a great foreign aid. They relied on intense defenses and quick counterattacks to get a 15 wins. People, their main domestic line Hu Jinqiu can often run faster than the other defender, directly following the big hat, the team's third-class team in Shanghai is also very fierce, Fredette can take the team to open the conversion game. Now CBA, the rhythm is getting faster and faster, and quite surely, the world is martial arts, but it is not broken.

There is also a "rapid" reflected in the rapid development of new seedlings. The Hongyuan Du Runwang teenager just started his debut season, averaging 22.7 minutes, averaging 9 points, 1.6 rebounds and 1.1 assists. It's a bright spot, the 23-year-old Tianjin teenager, Desert, averaged 42.3. Minutes, with an average of 16.6 points and 10 rebounds per game. This "double-double" performance, which only local players Yi Jianlian and Wang Zhelin can achieve, out of which 3.9 offensive rebounds that Shide Shuai obtained on average are ranked first among local players.

This year's team response and the response to the sudden situation is very fast, the most sensational of which is Nanjing Tongji – after the team encountered difficulties, the head of Chen Guangchuan quickly involved in the team leadership, he Payne foreign aid was removed and were a number of new preparatory measures were taken. The team made a series of winnings in three games. Now this team and the playoffs are just one victory and there is a great chance to hit the playoffs.

Also this year's team has an example of a goal to finish quickly. Last season, Bayi Men's Basketball team, which won three matches throughout the season, made a welcome change this year after replacing the home court and Wang Zhizhi as coach. Now that the league just finished 1/3, they have won three games and finished the same winner last season. The next game is worthwhile.

In this fastest season, when we enter the mid-term, we look forward to seeing whether the Chinese men's basketball team will enter the state sooner and will make fans feel quicker during the World Cup qualifiers.

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