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Internet users have exploded! Did the sudden death of the rider platform lose only 2000? You are hungry? _ Oriental Fortune Network


Original title: Internet users have exploded! The pilot died suddenly and the platform lost only 2000? Right now, are you hungry?



You’re finally hungry, he replied.

Here’s how it happened: Recently, the 43-year-old Hungry rider died suddenly while delivering food, but he told me that Han had nothing to do with the platform. The platform was humanitarian and would like to provide 2,000 yuan to his family.

But Han’s wife said her husband would be deducted 3 yuan each day, believing it was.InsuranceFee, but learned only afterwards,InsuranceBought only 1.06 yuan, or personal travel accident insurance, the amount of sudden death is only 30,000.

Where did the remaining 1.94 yuan go? Right now, replied that the platform is 3 yuanserviceFee, the platform will provide after paymentInsurance.Although also said it will provide 600,000 horsemen with sudden deathguest houseBut internet users are still upset and ask why they charge “service fees”?

  Are you hungry? He died suddenly at dinner

  He received only 2,000 yuan

According to Red Star News, on December 21, 2020, the hungry rider Han Mou, aged 43, fell on the road to get the delivery. After the police investigation, Han died suddenly. His family is following himWork accidentInsuranceWhen who should be held accountable, They. Han told me it had nothing to do with the platform. The platform is humanitarian and wants to provide 2,000 yuan to his family.

The wife said that after the incident, she was fined for not sending 4 orders to her husband. Han Mouwei usually passes over hummingbirds.crowdsourcingTake the order, are you hungry?jobsStaff said he and the platform did notthe workRelationship, can only be awarded 2,000 yuan in humanitarian compensation.

And in the agreement to use the crowdsourcing application Hummingbird,Special noteOne column clearly emphasizes that Hummingbird crowdsourcing only provides information matching services and that there is no employment / work relationship between applicants and Hummingbird crowdsourcing. The collective growth of hummingbirds can be based on the excellence of applicants.quality of serviceOr other outstanding performances will be rewarded with relevant funds. But the reward of this type of funds does not belongSalary, Not equivalent to approving the employment relationship between the registrant and Hummingbird crowdsourcing.

According to Jiemian News, in the field of rider delivery, there are two types of riders: “crowdsourcing” and “full-time” riders. Riders with sudden death are riders with packaged food. These riders often interact with third-party human resources.companySign the employment contract,part’s behavior and full-time riding belong to another company.

  The rider is deducted 3 yuan a day

  The premium is only 1.06 yuan?

Han’s wife said her husband would be deducted 3 yuan each day before his death, believing he wasinsuranceBut it was later learned that the insurance bought only 1.06 yuan or personal travel accident insurance, and the amount of sudden death insurance was only 30,000.


As soon as the news broke,the InternetFermentation. Some netizens estimate that the platform deducts 3 yuan a day, and that year there will be more than 1,000, and the coverage for sudden death insurance will certainly not be only 30,000.

The real premium is only 1.06 yuan and costs only 386.9 yuan per year, while the platform charges 1,096 yuan.SpreadIt reached 709.1 yuan. Are you hungry that you have reduced 70% of the cost of self-insurance paid by delivery staff?


  You are hungry: 3 yuan is the fee for the service of the platform

  Free platform insurance after payment

facepublic opinionConstant fermentation, responded at 18:00 on January 8th.


He said a few things:

1. The amount of protection for sudden death on the platform has been increased to 600,000 yuan, and the pension of 600,000 yuan in this incident will be delivered to the knight’s family this week.

2, 3 yuan is not a premium, but a service fee of the platform. After paying the service fee, the platform will provide a copy of the insurance, and the tracking will help solve the insurance problems.

3. To mourn the blue knight who died unexpectedly.

  Internet users are dissatisfied: why do you charge “service fees”?

For this statement, Internet users are not convinced.

Some netizens said that the “service fee” is 3 yuan, why the first is only 1 yuan, and I’m hungry and I did not explain clearly.

There are also some blunt words, are you hungry?


  2018 wasAlibaba, Ant Financial

  Seated on 3 million riders

According to the official website, has 3 million riders.


According to the data, wasAlibaba, Purchased Ant Financial.

In 2018,AlibabaAlibaba Group, Ant Financial Group and jointly announced that Alibaba has signed an agreement to acquire Ant Financial for 9.5 billion yuan.USDCompleted the acquisition wholly owned by


According to the three partiesstatistically, Are you hungry? At the moment, online diningmarketThe second largestbusinessAs of the first quarter of 2020, the market share is almost 27%. Meituan takeeaway is the largest with a market share of 67%.


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