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Lu Yixin has a duration of almost 40 years.


Original title: Lu Yixin's role spans almost 40 years. The trajectory of life is closely related to the times.

In 2017, Lu Yi, a prosecutor played by the drama "People's Name", was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. After a year, he used another series of major songs. "The Wind Re-emerges It's time to return to the screen, but this time, it's been almost forty years.

In the play, Lu Yi, the protagonist of Lu Yi, is a retired military veteran. Has experienced change of status from state-owned enterprises to business at sea and then back to state-owned enterprises. In conducting a series of battles, such as reforming the Yongjiang factory, revitalizing state brands, gaining foreign trade and economic cooperation, and actively taking part in the construction of the Belt and Road, they have made opportunities and dreams as entrepreneurs.

"This role has been almost 40 years since the 1980s to date." Lu Yi said in a 22nd Beijing interview that compared to Hou Liangping, whether it's about career or love, life choice or entrepreneurial path, Fang Bangyan's Trajectory is closely linked to the times.

Yongjiang Textile Factory is a unit of work invested by Fang Bangyan after its transfer, its achievements being related to the Yongjiang Factory. From sales to renewal equipment, from sales channels to working with foreign businessmen, even Fang Bangyan Everyone asked, suffered misunderstandings and even had problems in family life. Still put the Yongjiang factory.

Lu Yi said that Fang Bangyan is not the one who always takes the aura of the protagonist. "He is not like the great man in the past, like God, and everything can be solved by himself. He is very real and very stereoscopic."

As Fang Lan, Fang Bangyan's mother-in-law in the play, said, "Fang Bangyan, such a man with responsibility and responsibility, carries too much faith and commitment to work and family." In marriage life, Fang Bangyan owes much to his family. .

"Fang Bangyan has a special military character and is persistent." Lu Yi said: "He has a faith in his heart, which sometimes is not understood, especially if he is not understood by his family, in fact, his heart is very painful."

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