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On January 15, "WeChat was declared for Weebo Hot Search" with 42,000 talks and 500 million readings.
At the same time, there were also "Luo Zhixiang Guan Comments", "Zhang Ziyi Black Fans" MT MT etc. toilet, chat treasure (atomic bullet text message), flashing three social applications, and cloth development will be effective, reaching out to the gossip stars. The same attention.
So this matter continued, Ma Huateng expressed her attitude to answering friends in the circle of friends: First, "I want to break the WeChat's boring model of dominating the world," first use the family (these programs) Negative energy "anonymous social" is determined not to do.
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Wang Sicong also pointed out in the circle of friends: "The three products of today are all garbage, there is no chance." Then, "Wang Sicong commented three social programs" and went on the microblogging search on January 16.
Just because the press conference was chosen the same day, the marketing departments of the three social programs have overtaken the tasks ahead.
However, this reflects the expectations of new social software. WeChat carries too much work information and generates too much social pressure. It's something that Zhang Xiaolong admits, so he launched the opposite side of the circle of friends – the video dynamic, I hope everyone puts pressure and shares the real part without any changes.
Of course, like our current feelings, Zhang Xiaolong himself feels there is still plenty of room to improve the video dynamics.
So is "anonymous socialization" that Tencent is determined not to be a new opportunity?
At least Wang Xin believes so and does the same.
The name of the MT toilet is said to have been taken from Andy Lau's song of the same name:
Every toilet is a hero. With a button, he will hurry all your troubles, the pain you have, how much you lose, and he'll take it all for you …
Therefore, MT toilet uses the anonymous group chat design, users can hide, arbitrarily release their troubles and lose and even use group chat to hide better, get answers and for collective carnival.
Apparently meets certain needs, is not it? But after I download the trial, I still want to tell Wang Xin when our young people go online the first day?
The MT toilet can only be connected with the mobile phone number and, as an "anonymous chat software", it is very aggressive to read the user's address book. Wang Xin explained the reason behind Weibo: new social products should let friends circles re-establish their connections.
Therefore, on the one hand, MT toilet is a social software with an anonymous background and real name, and on the other hand it wants the real-life user and friend to restore the anonymous connection.
I did not want to pour cold water, but as a young man I still want to explain the social habits of our young people to the MT toilet: We are free of social pressure and freedom of speech and we have blocked WeChat from leaders, colleagues and parents . In group. Its high probability is the real name, but each member of the group knows that no matter what policy is wrong, it will not be "sinned by words" here.
Anonymity has lost a lot of fascination in the early days of the Internet.
Of course, anonymous social networks can also be very lively: there is always a market for so-called "explosives," which are well-known companies and public figures that will not be easily tracked.
But, as Ma Huateng said, it will cause hatred in human nature and become an outbreak of rumors and personal attacks. I think everyone knows the last result of the "secret" that once shattered.
As fast as technology, the chat treasure is a "completely social" product that is completely degraded and decent.
Luo Yonghao's press conference will always pay close attention: along with social software and the WeChat challenge, these keywords can cause public nerves, from bullet SMS to chat, get "startup traffic" thousands of times more than other startup teams. Even ten thousand times.
Bullet SMS was in the App Store for the first time in 13 days, the total number of active users reaching 7.49 million in the first 9 days and 30 days. Data is the most important reason for its funding of 150 million yuan in a very short time.
The original text message was also a product-based social product. It has features like "late processing", "reference response", "voice + text" and so on. Luo Yonghao positioning bullet-type messages is "to deal with people who have a very large amount of messages and worry about communication efficiency."
However, when the founding team was interviewed, the positioning of the product was not so clear:
The original idea of ​​the SMS bullet came from Slack, which has more office attributes, but then it will be office software or social software, which needs to be adjusted according to user feedback.
After 4 months, the bullet message has become a chatting treasure. Its positioning is finally clear, chat is not office software, not even a social software.
▲ "Renowned designer logo, Wenhao called" chat treasure
She has designed a set of mechanisms that use cash to boost growth fissiles such as the title of fun and access to many more. The way to pull new and achieve was reduced to the extreme in a social software. Maybe Chato himself knows that this fast traffic is the most valuable thing he can offer to investors.
The last one was based on the red envelope driver, which has been ranked top of the app stores for a long time, but people could not understand who is socializing in social software called shipment. As it is now, maybe nobody cares.
Finally, you talk about multiple flashes
The multi-flash may be the only one that was purely social in the three January 15 press conferences.
For the byte jump, the special opening conference for its products is the first time in my memory. Zhang Nan, President Vibrato, who rarely appeared in public or interviewed, also came. She also admitted that her appearance shows that there are clips and vibrato that have indissoluble links.
No social software can compete with WeChat positive, so Wang Xin chose to be anonymous. How fast the technology chooses to rely on online earnings to gain user growth is more likely to win another seemingly logical way:
This means it's like the new social software, like POP, Echo, Can, Alice Map, Soul, etc. who have lately appeared and want to compete for those who are going to become adults and could run away from WeChat.
What is socializing video, do you have to socialize when watching videos? Maybe no one can say. In 1993, Xu Wei, the person in charge of multi-flash, spoke on stage when he talked about this product. He called Zhang Xiaolong "Long Shu" and painted a bright future.
However, the basic product logic it has delivered is more like a review of the "Dragon Uncle" speech: when users send friends, there will be pressures to form people, and the state becomes a job, At the same time, always lose the dynamics of your closest friends.
The solution offered by Multi-Flash is to learn Snapchat, which uses the image captured by the camera of the mobile phone as a more important social language, just like WeChat's video dynamics.
On the multi-flash discovery page – "The World", my friends, nearby people, stars and most popular videos are mixed together. It's like a mini, generally quite exciting.
Perhaps in the multi-flash design, users will re-recognize the true side of old friends through video and reinforce more new friends through the video. But at least in my opinion, the product that best meets this demand is vibrato itself.
Chat the treasure, the toilet and more flash are pretty good, I downloaded the experience and it is good enough to talk to some netizens. At the end of the conversation, I felt that the meaning was still unfinished and I added WeChat to each other.
This is a very popular section after the press conference, but it is also an illustration of the years of baptism through the Internet and the mobile Internet. The online social networks of young people are, in fact, stratified.
Although WeChat has many tired social relationships, the youngsters have not escaped her, but have used her as the last line of defense to accept a new friend. The micro-signal acts as a healthy photograph after a sincere meeting.
Nowadays, young people can communicate with people who are not close to one another but have to socialize, but not to pay attention to each other. They can also release their feelings of inhumanity through small private groups. Sound, station B, quick hand, Weibo, and immediately will become spiritual friends with friends who have never met. When viewing pictures and videos, they do not hesitate to have social money in their hands: such as, rewards, private letters, behavior, have completed most of the social movements.
In most cases, these different levels of social networking are distinct. Young people and even middle-aged people who are familiar with the Internet can actually play different roles in different social networks.
They will no longer migrate their social relationships due to sophisticated and functional software.
From this perspective, it may not be necessary to take the private voice of vibrato as social software. A product that can connect different social networks is likely to provoke WeChat.

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