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National football team is not worth one-third of Sun Xingyu – National Football, Asian Cup, ranked No., Tottenham, this – Qianjiang Evening Event

2019-01-05 05:36:45 Source: Qianjiang Evening News

Let the Premier League fight for Tottenham's fear of quitting, proving the value of Sun Xingyi. Photo courtesy of Xinhua News Agency

The Asian Cup is about to start, and a list of 24 participating teams has also been launched. What followed was the top ranking 24. According to the German "transfer market" statistics, among the top 24 countries, Japan and South Korea were the first and national football was the sixth.

The South Korean team has a total value of 84.73 million euros, and more than half of them are the contribution of a smaller Asian brother. His personal value is 50 million euros, the highest in Asia, the second one being the Huang Xican center, and the price is only 7.5 million euros. .

The value of the Japanese team is in the same position as the South Korean team, which is also 84.73 million. The player with the highest price is Nakajima Yuki of 13.5 million, followed by Muto Kaji (9 million).

Although the total value is the same, the Japanese team's distribution is quite different from that of the Korean team. Unlike Sun Xingyu's unique performance in South Korea, the Japanese team is even more average. There are 7 Japanese players among the most expensive 11 players in the Asian Cup, and South Korea has only Sun Xingyu. In the Top 20, there are only 3 Korean players and 9 Japanese players. This means that the overall strength of the Japanese team is even stronger.

The national team ranked first in Iran, the Iranian team, the team worth 58.2 million, his team ranked third in the price list. They have second-place Asian Cup, Jahan Bachsh and Azmon in fifth place, with 18 million and 9.5 million respectively.

The fourth defense champion, Australia, has a value of 37.15 million euros. Premier League goalkeeper Brighton, Matthew Ryan, leads this road with 8 million euros.

National football ranks sixth, with a total value of 15.8 million. The player with the highest prize in the team is Wu Lei, ranked 25th with 3.5 million, being the only player in China who has more than 1 million euros.

The amount of national football is still less than a third of Sun Xingyi's volume. After all, Sun Xingyu's 50 million euros, even if placed in the national team's price list, can be ranked fourth, exceeding the value of 21 teams, the second only to Iran, Japan and Korea South.

It is also a "fate", the first show of Asian Cup of the popular Asian brother, will face the Chinese team. Due to the Spurs team's qualification status, starting with the 21st round of the Premier League, Sun Xingyi has wiped out 8 days and 5 assists in 9 games against the sky. This also led to coach Tottenham is not willing to give love to vacation too early, Sun Xingyu will be able to hurry to the United Arab Emirates after January 14 Manchester United, the first game, is the match with national football on January 16 .

If you win the first two games against Kyrgyzstan and the Philippines, the national football team can qualify successfully and you do not have to die in the South Korean team. However, the old confrontation of the Chinese and Korean family, Sun Xingyu's first show, may see another hundred percent.

Prior to the Asian Cup, Sun Xingyu's theme and national football continue to ferment. The national football team lost six goals in the last three warm-up matches. Either he can prevent the big killer in the Asian Cup is very worrying. South Korean Netians believe the Chinese team is a bit worried because "even if there is no Xingyu, the Chinese team will not win." In front of such a smell of gunpowder, national football must offer sighing.

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