Thursday , April 15 2021

Owner Yutu no. 2 continues to go on the back of the month, part of the useful load on the 4th boot – News – Global IC Starts Here –

  1. Patrol device Yutu no. 2 continue to go to the back of the moon, part of the useful task of the fourth part of boot work _ internal news
  2. 嫦娥 4 Lander and patrols successfully separated Yutu no. 2 and they reached behind the moon to return to the first selfie – CHINA China cnBeta
  3. 嫦娥 4 Lander and patrol successfully separated Yutu No. 2 and successfully reached the moon back_Photo Channel_Xinhuanet Xinhuanet
  4. "Jade Rabbit No. 2" left the first line of "fingerprints" on the back of the moon (Photo)
  5. 嫦娥 4 Lander is separated from the patrol. Yutu No. 2 leaves the first trace of your back.
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