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Secretary of Government of the Provincial Government has been severely trained Chen Qifa | Yuzhong County | Inspector _ Sina News


Original title: government fraud, provincial party secretary, severe governor

According to the "Liaoning Daily" reported on 25, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment reported on the evening of November 19 "Return to Look" typical case "Liaoning Yuzhong County Government manufacturing documents for false correction," Liaoning Provincial Party Committee Secretary, Provincial People's Congress Chen Qifa's Steering Committee Standing Committee, Liaoning Tang Yijun, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Governor, instructed and called for the strengthening of the province's rectification, highlighting the need to deeply teach the lesson and seriously enhance political consciousness, conscience ideological and self-conscious environmental work of environmental protection, Make sure there is feedback and rectification of environmental inspectors. Chen Qiufa's instructions require all departments and departments in the province to take the lead and use it as a mirror and effectively increase political consciousness, ideological consciousness and self-consciousness to do a good job in environmental protection of the environment. It is necessary to strengthen responsibility, to prevent problems such as superficial rectification, surface correction, rectification of claims and "a sizeable one for all", and firmly to make the feedback of environmental environmental inspectors, as well as rectification and implementation work.

Tang Yijun's instructions state that all localities and departments must provide deductions, draw lessons, and take precepts. We need to improve our understanding, compile our responsibilities, implement measures and do real work. We need to be diligent and correct, look carefully, look at the ass and make sure that we complete the task of rectification and rectification and firmly establish the basis for environmental inspectors.

On November 23, at the sixth meeting of the lead group for rectification and dispatching of the Central Environmental Inspector, Chen Qifa once again stressed that the rectification work must meet high standards and strict requirements, see the real chapter , to seek out practical results and to make the final and untreated decision, yang yin yin phenomenon and the ban are inevitable.

Recently, the Provincial Party Commission and Provincial Government have formulated and issued "Responsibility Measures for the Reconstruction of Environmental Protection Inspectors in Liaoning Province" and are studying management measures for rectifying and selling inspectors, valuing and rewarding methods, and punishing and standardizing continue the process of rectification of central environmental inspectors. Managing, compacting and repairing work responsibilities, increasing assessment and accountability, and continually guiding the rectification of environmental environmental inspectors.

"Government News" (WeChat ID: zsenews) noted that on November 19th, the Ministry of Ecology and the Environment informed the Huludao government that the government in Yuzhong County had made a false correction.

Since July 2017, the Central Environmental Protection Inspector reported that the Huludao Binhai Economic Committee (now the Dongdaihe District Management Committee) illegally transferred 39.6 hectares along the beach to three companies, including the Kaisa Company. Real estate development, Yuzhong County Department of Land and Resources deals with the land use certificate for it.

To that end, the Liaoning Province rectification plan is clear, the implementation of plans relevant to recovery areas, the review of the planning plan and the suspension of related projects. In June 2018, the implementation of the Liaoning Province rectification and rectification said Yuzhong County suspended its planning and implementation. Illegal recovery projects such as Kaisa and Hongyue Hotels have ceased construction as needed.

However, in July 2018, the Ministry of Ecology and the Environment organized on-site field inspections and found that Kaixi Commercial Street and Hongyue Hotel projects did not stop building and illegal and illegal development activities are still ongoing. Among them, Kaixi Commercial Street project in Kaisa has been finalized in practice and has business conditions, the main body of buildings no. 1 to no. 8 of the Hongyue Conference Center's construction project was closed, and the construction of the exterior walls is in full swing.

To this end, in September 2018, the Ministry of Ecology and the Environment publicly reported the rectification and rectification issues of the inspectors in Huludao and Yuzhong County, and the reporting situation was severely inaccurate.

According to the report, in April 2018, the Huludao Environment Protection Environmental Protection Inspectorate Group Office asked the Yuzhong County Government to send three companies, including Kaisa, to inspect rectification materials. The Deputy Magistrate responsible for rectification and rectification work in Yuzhong County proposed that Yuzhong County Magistrate agree and the Yuzhong County government temporarily built the plan to suspend the construction of the Maritime Coastal Construction Project involving the coastal area of ​​Yuzhong County. The opinion on the execution and suspension of the construction (Zheng Zheng Fa, No 49), the date of the document was fictitious as August 28, 2017, and the release date was fictional as August 27, 2017. The document claimed that "the county and the new departments of districts and territories are undergoing suspension of relevant procedures for projects involving maritime occupied areas and have undergone the relevant formalities, and unresolved land projects have ceased supplying land. "

"This document is a temporary document that is temporarily manufactured, destroyed and replaced and which corresponds to the inspection". The inspection team also said that in the current rectification work, the Suizhong government not only failed to implement the rectification requirements, but also secretly promoted the construction of illegal recovery projects.

"Government News" noted that at present, the Liaoning Provincial and Huludao Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Administration gave administrative and administrative sanctions to 23 leading cadres, and Huludao City made in-depth inspections to the provincial party committee and the provincial government. Illegal buildings such as Jiazhaoye Commercial Street and Hongyue Hotel Conference Center in Dongdaihe New District were dismantled.

Of these, on October 25, the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee Organization Department issued a message: Li Shucun's party secretary of the Yuzhong Party party was removed; magistrate Ma Maosheng was removed.

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