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Snow tourism is "priced" Why do people say "do not believe in their eyes"?

It's time to go north to see the snow. Xuexiang's landscape is like the world in fairy tales, but it's such a pure place. Last year he was exposed to smuggling news: a bowl of instant noodles sold for 60 yuan, the tourist guy bought strong and sold the tourist items; A good room is canceled when canceled and even the luggage of the passenger is thrown out of the door … "Nine month sharpening the knife, three months of sheep slaughter", "Blue Snow of the Black Heart", so tourists discouraged.

Map data: China Xuexiang Zhao Dongmei photo

To restore the confidence of tourists, Xuexiang suffered a rectification. According to relevant reports, in order to strictly block illegal operations, Xuexiang has set up a working group of dozens of people to carry out surveillance of the patrol; each household has a marker at the door, visitors can register according to experience and can complain at any time when faced with problems … …

A few days ago, Xuexiang's rectification was opened, he promised not to kill customers, clearly the price and filmed a short film to spread to save the tourists' confidence. However, when I saw the Xuexiang "clear price tag", many people said they could not believe their eyes.


20,000 pieces are enough for a family of three to play in the snowy village

First look at accommodation, ordinary 炕 380 yuan / day, standard room 880 yuan / day, luxury double room 1580 yuan / day, business suite 2580 yuan / day … this is not the final price , leave can also float over 15% to 30%.

According to netizens, although the price is comparable to a five-star hotel, the accommodation conditions are very general and there is no separate bath in the usual position.

There are almost no less than one hundred yuan for all types of snow entertainment projects. Some netizens said it is only 120 yuan for skiing in some places in the northeast, and 180 yuan for an hour in Xuexiang!

Some netizens have calculated that if you played all 35 snow projects in Xuexiang, the price would be 5350 yuan per person, plus food and shelter, the family of three should prepare 20,000 yuan. "Go to Hokkaido to see the snow is not so expensive!"

Many netizens spit: This comes from private "slaughter", transformed into a "slaughter" with a clear priced price!

Is it clear that the price tag is not a scam?

From the Xuexiang Mingji advertising price, you can feel that the relevant management agencies are actually the same as the merchants' ideas. Xuexiang makes a hammer sale.

In the opinion of unscrupulous merchants, tourists are away and it is impossible to stop eating and drinking, and tourists may admit that they are unlucky.

From the official official label, the meaning is also very clear, Xuexiang is a rare resource, the price tag is not a smuggler, you can play with it, you can not afford.

"As tourism develops, people's winds will deteriorate." It has a direct relationship with management and is related to the development model chosen by the local community in the future.

West Lake's experience is worth learning from Xuexiang

Xuexiang suddenly suddenly with the help of photographers, variety shows and the Internet. This has left local tour operators and inexperienced managers unprepared, and services and facilities are not in place.

It is cold and cold, people do not have to spend too much time outdoors and it is more expensive to eat and live. As a result, visitors stay in this place for a short period of time, some even go the same day. This type of tourism, which is separate from consumer, shopping and shopping links, has a very low usage rate for tourism resources.

Although Xuexiang's tourist features are distinct, they are very simple. Not only is it difficult to manage other local resources, but also a three-month high season.

If you hold "killing one", Xiaofu is a sure thing, the concept of development is unrealistic, and the business is fast and profitable. Xuexiang tourist fever is difficult. After all, tourism in Xuexiang is not irreplaceable, nor is it necessary for tourists.

Modern tourism is not just a visit to attractions, but also a life experience.

Managers should not just focus on the price to make a noise, but should make global arrangements, develop more "Snow Township" and connect the surrounding tourist resources to provide more and more tourist projects and goods and for remove them altogether. The "ceiling" of imbalance between supply and demand. Making the upgrade of the snowy village is the long-term solution for the development of local tourism.

As the largest tourist resource in Hangzhou, West Lake is free, but Hangzhou travel orders and travel revenue as well as tourists' satisfaction are very good, which is worth learning and learning from the national tourism industry.

For Xuexiang, both in Heilongjiang and in the entire Northeast region, businesses and managers need to adjust their mentality, not to be fast and fast, but to think more about providing visitors with better experience and to make tourists value for money, worthy of God. Only by giving the unique landscape we can do the tourism industry well.

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