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Start with Microsoft Black Technology HoloLens: This is a new _36 calcul computing device


Microsoft has been soft for so many years, and it seems to have finally strengthened today. The release of HoloLens technology and headphones is a good one.

Glasses are described by Microsoft as "the most advanced holographic image computer in the world," which contains CPU, GPU and holographic image processing units that support spatial sound effects and a variety of sensors that allow users to use the real environment as carrier for real-time processing. Get virtual information. He's absolutely arrogant and cool.

After being dismissed for so many years, Microsoft is finally proud.

The video is cool, how about that? It is expected that everyone is surely interested in starting. Editors from Wired and Engadget shared their experiences. Let's take a look.

Let's first examine the experience of Engadget publisher Ben Gilbert.

HoloLens is also a developer version with a small computer over the waterfall, 2 clear lenses and 4-6 cameras in front. A bit like the Valve headset display. Overall, "works", but there are still many places that require further improvement. For example, the helmet can be attached to the neck through a loop, which is uncomfortable, as if someone pulls you. The demo is still tough. Ben Gilbert asked Microsoft staff for specific parameters and did not receive an answer.

Start with Microsoft Black Technology HoloLens: This is a new computing device

Experience Skype on HoloLensfrom

: After placing HoloLens in Skype, a list of contacts will appear in front of you. You can view the contact and use AirTap (this is HoloLens's standard gesture, lift your hand, place it in front of your eyes, move your forefinger) to select a contact and call it. Ben established a relationship with a staff member on the spot. Both sides can share the "screen" and can "point and point", such as drawing an arrow. It can be operated by voice and eye movement, such as night mode activation. However, you can not zoom in or out of the screen in front of your eyes.

Start with Microsoft Black Technology HoloLens: This is a new computing device

The onsight experience on HoloLens:from

Waiting can be easily understood as a VR demonstration of Mars, you can be in, you can walk and turn around to see the environment around you. You can also overlay the Mars scene in the real world and turn your house into Mars in minutes. Currently, NASA and Microsoft have joined to create OnSight for scientists to "work on Mars".

Start with Microsoft Black Technology HoloLens: This is a new computing device

Experience Minecraft on HoloLens:from

The game world mixes with the surrounding environment and the game building is in your room. Ben Gilbert blew a bunch of Creeper in the game, and the real seat in the room "emerged" after the explosion, through which you can see the world below . However, at this stage, it is not very friendly to experience Minecraft on HoloLens, mainly because the operation can only be done through Voice and AirTap. For example, when you grab a sheep, you have no use, you have to move. "It's not science."

Start with Microsoft Black Technology HoloLens: This is a new computing device

Experience HoloStudio on HoloLens: from

Holographic images that users can create with HoloStudio can be used both for academic purposes and for entertainment purposes. However, unfortunately the field staff did not allow the Ben experience.

However, as an editor who tried Oculus Rift, Avegant Glyph and Gear VR, Ben gave a positive assessment saying: "This is Microsoft's attempt on a black market."

Let's take a look at Wired's Jessi Hempel sticker.

In fact, Jessi Hempel visited the HoloLens team in October 2014 and met with lead character Alex Kipman. After launching a new product, Microsoft has published an article. At that time, HoloLens was coded inside Baraboo. Baraboo is bigger than Google Glass and unlike Oculus Rift. The first impression of Jessi Hempel was the Magic Leap. Baraboo's experience is great. The camera has a viewing angle of 120×120 and a large number of sensors that support gestures and voice operations. However, when you release the version for consumers, you must continue to optimize the effect of voice control.

Start with Microsoft Black Technology HoloLens: This is a new computing device

From the experience of the two publishers, it is not difficult to see that HoloLens is still a developer version, there are still many places to be refined, but it redefines a new way to interact with the virtual world and the real world in a new way. Redefining virtual reality. No wonder Microsoft will call it a "new computer."

Do not worry about home users. It is said that this spring, Microsoft will release conditionally HoloLens box to developers for free. At that time, home users can try out black technology.

Now, Facebook, Google and Microsoft have joined the battle for the next generation of computing platforms. Facebook has selected VR, bought Oculus for $ 2 billion, and has established a partnership with Samsung. It is likely to release a consumer version in 2015, Google chose AR, launched Google Glass in 2012 and invested $ 500 million in Magic Leap. When Microsoft enters the market and intensifies competition in industry, it will also ignite this market and eventually complement the early education of the market and users.

Another interesting aspect is that in the next generation of computing devices, the three seem to have chosen headphones. It seems that all the devices that are being played can be read with mobile phones before the headphones can undermine everything.

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