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The film "Flying Leap" began actor Wang Xun is expected to be the director | Feiyue blog | Wang Xun | Sina News Director


Original title: "Flying Leap" has begun. Actor Wang Xun is expected to be the director., Beijing, November 15, was announced the film "Flying Leap" in Beijing for the first time as director, Wang Xun said he was named for the first time and still was not ready "I want to find an appropriate directory ". I might be ready, maybe I did.

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In recent years, comedy films have continually rebuilt the recordings of the box office, be it "Thailand," "It Will not Be Future," "Big Sky" or "Charlotte Trouble," "Shameful Iron Smoke, "Kung Fu Yoga". . Comedy movies have created market demand, spectators need laughter, the market needs comedy, and ease and entertainment are the audience's requirements to enter the theater. The "Leaping Blog" movie is designed to meet the audience's viewing needs.

For the first time as a director, Wang Xun said with a smile: "This movie was prepared, looking for a suitable director, but this comedy is difficult to present, did not find a match but is more troublesome for the naked, Name my, to be honest, I'm not ready to be a director, come slowly, or I can be ready, I will do it, it is not officially released.

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Wang Xun, who was involved in the script, has shown that "Flying Leap" is different from previous comedy films. "The common comedy is based on a language called flat comedy, which has very few languages ​​and has a three dimensional dimension Comedy, through the misplacement rhythm, the dislocation of character creates a strong atmosphere of comedy, the actors must not exaggerate the performance, the worse is the best comedy effect ".

In addition, Wang Xun also pointed out that "extreme men's help" has six brothers who have a very good relationship. Everyone's work will invite everyone to play as much as possible so the movie is likely to come into post-production. Help yourself. (The end)

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