Wednesday , May 31 2023

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs answers questions about Musk’s assessment of the Chinese government, Pompeo’s tweets, etc.-China News


  1. Foreign Ministry answers questions about Musk’s comments about the Chinese government and Pompeo’s tweetsChina News Network
  2. Hua Chunying ridiculed the violence in the US Congress with the Hong Kong Legislative CouncilRFI-Radio France International
  3. Ordinary Press Conference of Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hua Chunying, January 7, 2021People’s Republic of China Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  4. US will revolt, Western media is dissatisfied with Chinese officials and public opinion, Qi mocking Hua Chunying’s positionDuowei news network
  5. The same riots, but the US reaction is completely different, Hua Chunying said the reasons behind it are thought-provokingChina News Network
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