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The opening screen of the great drama falls in love with "three big flowers and fathers" to lift large beams – work, the king, I do not know, two people also – Lanzhou Evening News

2019-01-04 15:37:02 Source: Lanzhou Evening News

The opening screen of the great drama falls in love with "the three big flowers"

In 2019, David considered the "great drama of the year" competing for the front. Before "I know whether it should be a red and thin green fat," the main antiques, followed by "The Woman in the Lattice" have been doing hard work and even more recently added "The King in the Scenes" To pay tribute to the production behind the scenes, "Three Big Flowers," Zhao Liying, Tang Hao and Zhou Dongyu, took over and broke the previous works, trying to transform the role.

"Do you know if it should be green, fat and slim?"

Zhao Liying "Love Definite"

"Knowledge" is Hunan TV's New Year's drama, produced by the Noon Sunshine team, once a masterpiece of the "List," and Hou Hongliang was the producer. The play is also the "fairy work" of the male and female protagonist Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng. The two men are also the works of the first "couple" after the drama.

"Knowledge" has a family style of the old man, and the composition of the image is also very beautiful. Whether it's an indoor house or a yard, whether it's clothing or make-up, scenes and characters have a "strange" charm. The land has both trivial families and lives, as well as romantic and young plots.

"The woman on the side"

Turning Tang Wei's "bottom box pressure"

"Gaina Xixi was artistic director, directed by Jiang Jiajun as Tang Wei, Wu Zhuoyu and Mo Xiaoqi, and told Tan Bin's elite career after doing several career and emotion tests. the latter, we have received the story of true love and self-development.

The theater working group includes all levels, including high-level elites and top juniors. There are also white-collar workers working from newcomers to executives, including "team battles at work" and "workplace wars". The story of a master.

The King behind the scenes

Zhou Dongyu pays homage to television

The "King of Scenes", which will be broadcast on January 5, is the first work scene that focuses on the ever-changing media industry. It is the first work drama that focuses on vendors of varieties, it is a group of people represented by Bu Xiaogu and Yu Qiao. The Bloody Story of the Variety Show. Bu Xiaogu, played by Zhou Dongyu, decided to become an excellent producer at an early age. When he was admitted to a media school, he entered an idol and was in the company where Joe was. Under the influence and care of Joe, Bu Xiaogu and his gradually developed feelings, the two overcome various difficulties, and the feelings gradually become a positive result. It can be said that the "King of Scenes" is a tribute to television people who have ideals and feelings as well as a meticulous presentation of the living conditions of today's media workers. According to Xinhuanet

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