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Three sections cut 30 points and 8 tables to help Guangdong Hao win 15 consecutive wins. He is the CBA King! – The big picture of basketball – Hanfeng Net


2018-11-24 12:43:56 Source: Big Picture of Basketball

Original title: three sections burst 30 points and 8 boards, helping Guangdong Hao to take 15 consecutive wins, he is the king of the CBA!

In the 15th CAC tour, which ended last night, the start of the game won 14 consecutive wins and there was no defeat. Guangdong Hongyuan, who ranked first in the league, was home against Shanxi men's basketball team. At Shanxi level, Guangdong Hongyuan was almost in a leading position. After the match, Guangdong triumphed over Shanxi with a high score of 137-115, giving his opponent a five-game shot and continuing to lead the league with 15 consecutive wins.

Compared to competition, the basic leader of Guangdong Hongyuan Yi Jianlian was really sweating. He did not return after being injured in the ankle, the day before the Shanxi yesterday match, reached the third quarter, with more than 4 minutes left. In the process of taking off and blocking the defense, Yi Jianlian was hit by an elbow by striker Shanxi Liu Guanxi. Because of the heavy blow to the United Arab League, they immediately fell to the ground and the bones of the injured nose bled again. The team doctor went on the spot to check, and the Arabs covered only the nose with a towel, slowly left the stadium and returned to the locker room for treatment.

Although the game played only 25 minutes and 19 seconds due to injury, Yi Jianlian's score is still the highest in the team, the offensive end of the 9-for-15 league, 1 in 2 of the 3-point line, the 14- In the 11th, destroyed 30 points, 8 rebounds, 1 steal and 1 coverage, the offensive efficiency is impeccable. In front of the inner group made up of Mohammed and Ge Zhaobao, Ah Lian simply looked at the stadium as a cash machine. It's a middle-sized weapon jumper, or a violent blow after a strong confrontation from the bottom of the basket or the easy-to-fill tail for the second offense. He has revealed his remarkable physical talent.

Even though the Arab League has reached the age of 31, but looks at the entire CBA, he is still the strongest player in personal power, maybe every year the CBA has a large number of NBA athletes, but the Arab League has always done diligence Team work will be on the shoulders of the team This year, the opening stage of Guangdong is unstoppable, besides the strength of the two foreign aids, it is indispensable the role of the United Arab League as the pillar of the inner line, who can not just use the long-term investment to help the team. Removal of breaks and its ability to kill in the penalty area is even more commendable, and the current value of the EU League is 71.6, ranking second in the league. Currently, the men's basketball team in Guangdong is in full swing. of health.

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