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We're sorry! Liu Shiwen leads the new owner to lose, but a spirit made it as the name of CCTV – Sports News – Hanfeng Net


2018-11-28 00:16:26 Source: Sports Sentiments

Original title: sorry! Liu Shiwen led the new owner to lose, but the CCTV spirit made her like it.

On November 27, Beijing Time, the Chinese Super League table tennis players in 2018 continued the fierce competition in stage 8. In the focus of the fight tonight, Liu Shiwen led Honging Jingyang to face Nanchang on August 1, and in the last 2 -3 defeated the opponent. Although Hong An Jingyang lost the game, but the spirit of the players, especially the performance of Liu Shiwen is very praised!

Liu Shiwen, the main player of Hongan Jingyang tonight, played in the first set as the starting line, the dark horse in the match and defeated Wang Mang in "the last table of women's table tennis" Sun Mingyang. Liu Shiwen fought in 5 games, 0-2 in the back, even the third game, the final score of 3-2 defeated (7-11, 7-11, 12-10, 11-7, 13-11 ) opponents, for the East won the first point.

In the second set, Feng Yalan defeated Muzi with 3-0 in a simple game of three matches, helping Hongan Jingyang to win another advantage with a 2-0 lead. It is a shame that in the third set of games, the doubles of women Feng Yalan / Qian Tianyi 1-2 Chen Ke / Liu Wei lost the game.

When the match came in the fourth set, Liu Shiwen played against Muzi, where he lost 0-2 behind the first two matches, managed to reversal two games once again, unfortunately he could not copy the first set. Miracles, in the final of the game of decision, were defeated. They lost 2-3 (7-11, 10-12, 11-7, 14-12, 5-11) and missed this for Hongan Jingyang. Key point! With the fifth set of games, El Zhuojia 0-2 lost to Chen Ke, Hong A Jing Yang also scored 2-3 Bayi team defeated.

Liu Shiwen played in two games in this game. The result of a victory and a loss was not won for Dongjia, but its remarkable performance made fans praise! In the two sets of competitions, Liu Shiwen is at the disadvantage of 0-2 behind, the Jedi counterattacks have held a reversal, the performance is to make fans delighted! Therefore, Liu Shiwen's performance tonight is indeed very good. Although she did not lead Hong An Jingyang to win, she was praised for her defeat!

CCTV reporter Li Wujun also praised Liu Shiwen's remarkable performance tonight, and wrote:

"Today's performance for Liu Shiwen! With Sun Mingyang, from 0 to 2 ago, 2 to 2 level, from 2 to 6 decision, 13 to 11 win, with Muzi, the same from 0 to 2 , 2 Ping, of which, the fourth game, from 5 to 10, chasing up to 16 to 14. The decisive game, although 5-7 lost, but Liu Shiwen never gave up the game, gave an example to the young players! "

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