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When the Chinese billiard came to the UK, the chief of the race: an important enlightenment "- Guangxi News Net


Zhongxin.com, Johannesburg, November 26 Title: Chinese billiards come to the UK, the head of the race: "An Enlightenment Important"

Reporter Zhongxin.com Wang Wei

A few days ago, the British Billiard Pool Championship and the eight-ball British World Championship opened in Bridlington, Yorkshire, England, became the focus of the world's billiard industry. The contestants participated in a total of 481 athletes from 25 countries and regions. .

As a genuine Chinese sport, Chinese balls have developed rapidly in recent years and have been launched in 54 countries around the world. Only in 2018, more than 300,000 people from all over the world joined the sport. And this time to go to the UK to play the game in the birthplace of billiards, Chinese billiards are undoubtedly a "higher level".

"The greatest importance of the British Chinese pool championship is that this original Chinese movement has received an important illumination in the UK." At 26, the eight-ball Chinese head and the 8-ball Chinese International Federation were promoted in South Africa. President Qiao Bing was interviewed by the reporter. He said that, like the spirit of Chinese billiards, the original Chinese movement is willing to spread its influence throughout the world and then blows the horn of the subversive billiard order.

As Joe Bing said, although it is a delay, the current popularity of Chinese billiards is truly amazing: in addition to the three races in South Africa, the United States and the United Kingdom, the event is currently expected in Kenya, Egypt, Countries like Zimbabwe, Zambia, Morocco, Germany and France continue to expand their influence, and the popularity of the event is obvious.

A few days ago, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) made a special report on the British Billiard Championship. The report highlighted: "This miniature version of China's" Snooker "campaign makes the participants think of it – exquisite, advanced, fun, can only help."

Rob Chambers of England also believes that Chinese pool is closer to the public than high-end snooker sports. The biggest feature is that it keeps snooker's "senior sentiment" while doing so. Appropriate for "simplifying" players, "in the current age, simple things can bring more pleasure."

Qiao Bing said that, compared to snooker and 8-ball American, Chinese billiards have obvious advantages in terms of prize money, number of countries and development potential. He is not far from the world in the pool. It is the largest sports market in the world. Once a project is pushed, it has actually gained an advantage in quantity. "At the moment, Chinese pool has attracted the participation of" Hendry's Billiard King ", World Pott Billiards Champion and other famous players, so this Chinese pool has gained greater recognition all over the world.

In the South African region with the largest Chinese pool audience, Chinese pool is considered "a sport that can change life." Starting from the 2017 season to 2018, the China Master Billiards International Masters prize exceeded 20 million yuan, becoming the world's second largest billiard tournament after the world's snooker championships.

South African champion Willy Karel Diamond told reporters: "The Chinese pool has already had a strong impact on South African pool pool culture. Everything moves in a better direction." Billiards will go beyond other billiards and become the most popular sport. "

Qiao Bing also hopes to use "Dongfeng" owned by the Chinese Billiards Championship to give more impetus to promoting this original Chinese sport in the world. "In the world, our development is in full swing, I hope that taking this British Championship will be an important enlightenment for the popularization of Chinese pool in the UK. At the same time, we can all let us join hands to bring Chinese pool to the world . . "(The end)

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