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Athletico Nacional Youth Players, Equilibrium and Analysis Football in Colombia Eagle League


Atletico Nacional recently hired Brazilian Giovane Mario de Jesus, a creative midfielder suing at Santos, Brazil. A big bet because they have been looking for a stranger to generate the game in the lowest and also to the professional staff. Is the National good looking for youth talents abroad instead of betting on Colombian players?

Currently, there are eight players in the national team of professionals who are 23 years old and can be considered next year.

– Juan David Ramirez (21 years old): is the third goalkeeper, behind Christian Vargas and Fernando Monetti. The goalkeeper started with Nacional on December 11, 2016 for the second leg of the League II. Nacional dropped 0-4 at home against Santa Fe and played with several young people for traveling to the World Cup of the Club. He did not have a moment in 2018. If there is an exit from any of the archers, Ramirez may have more than one minute of play.

– Carlos Cuesta (19 years old): The Central defender started in 2016 and had a lot of shooting so far in his career. In April this year suffered a shoulder accident, which took him off the field for four months. He returned to play in July against Santa Fe and played a total of 16 games (11 for the League, 3 for the Columbia Cup and 2 for the Super League). Cuesta has always been a defender appreciated by coaches who have gone through the club for their versatility (they can play sideways) and for their play.

– Jorman Campuzano (22 years old): The central flier arrived in January this year at Nacional, borrowed, and was recently bought. He immediately set himself up as a midfielder and his good performances led him to Colombia's national team. It was vital to the team's balance and when he was not there, Nacional felt his absence. This year has played a total of 47 games (32 in the League, 7 in the Copa Liberadores, 6 in the Columbia Cup and 2 in the Super League).

– Juan Pablo Ramirez (20 years old): the creative midfielder returned to the club in June this year, after a step in Leones. Ramirez was unable to figure out Nacional's starting line and showed very few football in the few chances he had. In 2018, he played 13 games (12 for the League and one for Copa Colombia).

– Gustavo Torres (22 years old): extreme or before had a performance from the highest to the lowest in the National. He began to score many goals, but, little by little, his level went down and had run-ins with fans for their holidays in goals. In total, he played 26 games (18 of the League, 4 of Libertadores, 2 of Copa Colombia and 2 of Superliga) and scored seven goals, all of the League.

– Jeison Lucumi (23 years old): the extreme right was from the lowest to the highest in 2018. Each time it became more influenced for the team to be an imbalance weapon by the gang and its centers to generate danger. His big spot was aggression against Dayro Moreno, which caused an eight-day suspension by the club. He played a total of 53 games (36 in the League, 8 in the Libertadores, 7 in the Columbia Cup, 2 in the Super League) and scored five goals, four in the League and one in the Local Cup.

– Omar Duarte (23 years old): the striker came in half with a lot of expectations because he was the scorer of Atletico Huila, who reached the semifinals of the I-2018 League. He was the replacement of Dayro Moreno, but when Moreno was expelled from the club, he could not win a starter. He played a total of 18 games (12 for the League, 5 for the Columbia Cup and 1 for the Libertadores). He scored three goals, two for the League and one for the Libertadores.

– Hayen Palacios (19 years old): This player, from the Nacional inferior, debuted in April this year under the command of Jorge Almirón. However, Hernán's Darío Herrera's inheritance gave him more importance in his professional salary. With Herrera played 8 matches and scored a goal. Palacios demonstrated a lot of speed on the right wing and gambeta. Also, polyfunctionality, because you can play as a right side.

National must 19 players who have to go back to the club to see if they keep the green box or negotiate again with other clubs. Of those returning players, only two could be similar to those that Nacional is looking for with Giovane. The only ones who could do it are Brayan Rovira and Sebastián Gómez.

– Brayan Rovira (21 years old): Rovira has found his place in Atlético Bucaramanga. This year, in 2018 the bumangues team took over. Gabriel Gómez's more backward position allowed Rovi to move forward and be more dangerous in the rival area. By 2018, he played 40 games, 38 for the League and two for Copa Colombia, for a total of 3472 minutes. He also scored four goals.

– Sebastián Gómez (22 years old): Gómez's case is similar to that of Rovira. Little gained a seat in Leones and in 2018 showed a great level. He was one of the great figures of the lantern club with Arled Cadavid, Felipe Jaramillo and Edisson Restrepo. In 2018 he played 38 league and scored seven goals, much for a flyer. Copa was also vital in the great campaign that made the team on this tour. The Itagui team reached the semifinals and in five games scored a goal.

Full list of transfers coming in December:

– Edisson Restrepo, central defender, 21 years old.
– Marlon Torres, central defender, 22 years old.
– Brayan Rovira, flyer, 21 years old.
– Sebastián Gómez, flyer, 22 years old.
– Duivan Uribe, central defender, 20 years old.
– Cristiana Moya, central defender, 20 years old.
– Albin Domínguez, midfielder, 20 years old.
– Jesús de la Hoz, 19 years old.
– Jean Luca Rivera, extreme, 21 years old.
– Andrés Córdoba, flyer, 21 years old.
– David Castañeda, 21 years old.
– Juan Felipe Aguirre, midfielder, 22 years old,
– Camilo Vargas, archer, 29 years old (Cali will use the purchase option).
– Nicolás Hernández, central defender, 20 years old.
– Gilberto García, right-back, 31 years old.
– Yulián Mejía, offensive midfielder, 28 years old.
– Mariano Vásquez, end of the year, 25 years old.
– Harlin Suarez, flyer, 24 years old.
– Cristian Dájome, before / at the end, 24 years.

Simón Gómez Córdoba
Representative correspondent

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