Tuesday , June 28 2022

Catalina Gómez revolutionizes the networks with her navel


Catalina Gómez was one of the most controversial participants in the latest version of MasterChef by constants the confrontations he had with the actor Carlos Hurtado and his rivalry Estefanía Borge.

Her culinary talent led her to the final stage of the cooking contest and placed her as such one of the favorites for the diversity of food presented in the competition. The creativity and recipe of the former protagonist of the novel have become reality.

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Gómez is also recognized in social networks for his sculptural sensuality and body. However, in the last few days, the presenter has been at the heart of several observations from the followers They claimed he did not have a tummy button.

In the image you can see Catalina wears a blue swimsuit, wet hair, back chest and fully exposed abdomen. Because of his physical and care, the navel can not be defined in detail.

Among these comments, Internet users said it was a work of Photoshop, digital retouching, makeup for the picture and there was even the hypothesis a possible liposuction.

When you notice the rain of views on the navel, Catalina Gómez He decided to answer some with humor. Despite the fact that he sent this idea in some comments, he finally expressed this It seems a "ridiculous" that people think just for a photo.

"I do not have!", "I eliminated it, it prevented me"," Indeed, how ridiculous. Do you lose your wishes in this regard? "There are some answers that the presenter has posted in user comments.

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As for criticism and comments on alleged liposuction, the former participant in the cooking contest responded in a forced and He said he does not need surgery to get these results in his body.

"For your misfortune, I did not receive it with lipo, but with genetics, sport and discipline. I see you think the beauty or goodness of others must be sent to do. Do not wait for money to make a lipo, rather train and accidentally stop saying without knowing"Gómez wrote in his post.

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